Ex-Marfa Shorthorns striving to help Marfa students

The Ex-Marfa Shorthorns of El Paso and Friends continue their drive to secure funds for Marfa High School students. Recently, this group awarded $5,000 in scholarship funds to be divided between two deserving students, Soraya Vallez and Dakota Martinez. According to longtime supporter Victor Chemali, “Marfa High School students need our help and we will provide that help as long as we can.” Another loyal support stated, “Most students in Marfa don’t know who we are but we vow to the Marfa High School Alma Mater, ‘Marfa High belongs to me, true to her I’ll always be, it remains within our hearts.’” Our belief is in helping students to pursue their educational goals after graduating from high school.

The Ex-Shorthorn group always remains mindful of the continuous support each year from the Marfa National Bank, The Big Bend Sentinel, Marfa Chamber of Commerce, Victor Chemali, Rosemary (Segura) Madia Hani, Danny Herrera, Mr. and Mrs. Mando Garcia and Braulio Milan, and most definitely of the Marfa community when fund drives are held during the Marfa Lights Festival. There are so many others who have helped throughout the years.

On a sad note, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cabezuela, who left Marfa to relocate to El Paso, are now making their home in Edinberg, Texas. Mr. Joe Cabrezuela left a legacy in Marfa for his hard and difficult work in resurrecting the building at Blackwell Elementary School. A major loss to Marfa and El Paso, but gain to the Edinberg community. For information on the Ex-Marfa Shorthorns of El Paso, call Mando Uranga at 915-494-3358.