October 6 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, 

In a recent paid advertisement in The Big Bend Sentinel, Presidio County Commissioner Precinct 4 candidate Gary Wilbanks claimed he is not a politician –– what an outright lie. Anyone running for or holding an office is a politician. Bear in mind that Mr. Wilbanks also accepted money from Project Red Texas, a Republican ran Political Action Committee (PAC) working to influence our elections here and turn Presidio County red.

While it is common for politicians to claim that they aren’t really politicians to gain the favor of the general public, such contentions are dangerously dishonest. That’s like a farmer who is in the middle of sowing seeds in a field denying their title. Candidates who claim they aren’t politicians are often just compensating for a lack of political skill. I’m old enough to remember when Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson made similar laments in 2015 and we see where that got him.

Will this be the only lie that Mr. Wilbanks will spread between now and Election Day? Or does think we are too stupid to not know the difference?  

Reminder that Early Voting is October 24 through November 4, and Election day is November 8, 2022. 

Jake Davis

Marfa, Texas