City of Presidio recognizes Rigoberto Trevizo as employee of the month 

Rigoberto Trevizo was honored this week as the City of Presidio’s first employee of the month. Photo courtesy of Presidio City Hall.

PRESIDIO — At Monday’s meeting, Presidio City Council recognized Rigoberto Trevizo, the caretaker of Presidio’s parks, as its first employee of the month. Trevizo was honored with a photo at City Hall and a gift certificate for a night on the town in Presidio. 

The new employee of the month program was spearheaded by City Administrator Pablo Rodriguez, who sang Trevizo’s praises. “I went around town asking about his positive attributes,” Rodriguez said. “These words kept coming up: hardworking, dedicated and excellent.” 

Trevizo has worked for the city for seven years and keeps up all the city’s parks by himself. “We don’t even know how he manages to go through every single one and keep them nice,” Rodriguez said. 

Councilmember Arian Velázquez-Ornelas also said that Trevizo was an important part of the team whenever the Visitors Bureau puts on community events. “He’s helped out a lot whenever he’s needed, wherever he’s needed,” she said.