Villarreals continue Halloween traditions for Marfa Community 

Junie Villarreal dresses up in his persona as “Miguel Myers,” a spoof on the infamous fictional serial killer Michael Myers for a series of humorous photographs by wife Lesley Villarreal that capture the slayer at local haunts around Marfa. Photo by Lesley Villarreal.

MARFA — Each Halloween, seven years running, local photographer and self-described “Halloween fanatic” Lesley Villarreal captures images of her husband, Junie, in a series of photographs that spoof mute serial killer Michael Myers, called Miguel Myers, as he ventures around the town of Marfa. 

The tradition started one year when Junie was going as Michael Myers for Halloween and the couple was photographing a jean poncho for their friend and designer Ashley Rowe in front of the Prada Marfa installation. They jokingly snapped some photos of Junie in the poncho and notorious white mask wielding a knife and a bloody sneaker. 

From there, the idea gained traction and Junie embraced the alternative persona, said Lesley. And for years now, all throughout the month of October, Lesley has shared the humorous images on her Instagram account. 

“He just kept dressing up and showing up places, and people seemed to like it,” said Lesley. “Now we get requests. People actually want him to show up to their businesses and stuff like that. So it’s just become this fun thing that we’ve been doing for years.” 

This year, Miguel Myers was spotted at the Marfa Country Clinic, Porter’s, Dairy Queen and other locations around town — and was photographed taking a relaxing bubble bath at home. “It’s getting harder because every year we’re trying to think of new things to do and outdo ourselves,” said Lesley.

For the first time this year, Lesley is printing calendars with the photographs, which she plans to release for sale at 10 a.m. on Halloween on her online shop. The Villarreals will also be hosting their annual Halloween party and costume contest on Saturday, October 29, starting at 9 p.m. at Planet Marfa, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID and Lesley being diagnosed with and fighting cancer. 

“This year is kind of like a big thing because I just finished my last cancer treatment, and we finally get to host the party after two years,” said Lesley. “It’s been a tough couple of years, I think for a lot of people. We just want people to come and dance it out, basically.”  

In addition to a dance party, which will be fueled by Lesley’s Halloween playlist that she’s been adding to for years, the event will also include a costume contest and prizes from local businesses for the top winners. 

The Villarreals also take decorating for Halloween at their house very seriously and encourage the community to come by and see spooky projections installed outside of their home every night through Halloween on 700 West Waco Street, down the street from Porter’s. 

“If people drive by our house, you can see some crazy creepy stuff going on over here. It’s basically like a Halloween light show happening,” said Lesley. 

Projections of zombies coming out of the couple’s shed, ghosts walking back and forth ominously by a gate and what appears to be a murder scene taking place inside of their ‘90s van are among this year’s frights. For Halloween night, the Villarreals are planning a drive-by experience with jump scares and a fog machine. 

In the spirit of Halloween each year, Lesley also posts horror movie recommendations throughout the month of October on her Instagram and never repeats the same pick twice. This year she’s recommending Watcher, Malignant and others. 

For more information or to purchase Miguel Myers calendars, visit Lesley’s website: