November 17 Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:

My family has been in Alpine for over 100 years. I was born in Alpine while my family was living in a little house on Murphy Street. My family has been here for three generations. I live in the Southside and am concerned about the proposed Chisos Brewery being built on Murphy Street. This large two-story building will not blend in and will bring traffic to our neighborhood. This neighborhood is a quiet, peaceful place of old people and families.

The Southside has always had low water pressure and sewage problems. If the brewery goes in and uses commercial water amounts, will this make our water pressure even lower? Our infrastructure needs to be updated first. Our city needs to think of the people in the community before allowing a brewery in a neighborhood.

The Southside has “Our Lady of Peace.” The Parish Hall is the site of the oldest church building in Alpine. The church was completed in 1892 and is still serving this community. This church is located on Gallego Street. The church is in the center of the Southside.

We need a business that fits into the community and will benefit the people of the community. I am opposed to placing a brewery in a peaceful neighborhood. I ask you: Would you want a brewery next door to your family and home?

Rena Gallego




I’d like to recognize and thank Shanna Elmore and Big Bend Pets for the work they recently completed to TNR (trap, neuter, return) the colony of feral cats behind the old jail.

Many locals have tried to help these cats in different ways, but Shanna has been their main caregiver for many years, selflessly donating her time and resources and always treating them with dignity and kindness. I am so grateful for her compassionate care of these animals.

The wonderful folks at Big Bend Pets have generously provided for veterinary services for the remaining adults in the colony, who have been spayed/neutered and returned to their home.

I’m also happy to say that the final eight kittens from the colony are either in foster, adopted to loving homes or available for adoption at Grand Companions. If you’d like to adopt one of the (hopefully, last ever!) Marfa jail kittens, look for Little n Mai, Otis, Mr. Marshmallow, Blue, Pumpkin, Cheetah and Sunny at Grand Companions.

Thank you to Dr. Dave Taylor, Dr. Janet Greathouse, Deb and all the staff at Fort Davis Veterinary Services for their invaluable expertise and support. Thank you to Nash, Erica and everyone at Grand Companions for helping the kittens, and so many other animals, find homes. Thank you to Liz Serlenga for welcoming foster kittens into her home.

This feral colony is only one of many in Marfa, but every managed colony is a step toward reducing the overpopulation of cats in our community. The jail colony is a great example of what can be accomplished with teamwork and determination, and I’m very proud of everyone who made this possible.

With gratitude,

Kate Hand


Dear Marfa Voters, 

Thank you so much for stopping by to have donuts and coffee with us on Election Day –– we appreciated, so much, the visits and conversations throughout the day. We were grateful to help bring the community together with a celebration of free and fair elections in Presidio County! 

Many thanks to all of the sponsors who believed in this program: Ballroom Marfa, Big Bend Banks, Big Bend Coffee Roasters, Big Bend Sentinel, Cactus Liquors, Chinati Foundation, Communitie, El Cosmico, Judd Foundation and Presidio County Community Fund. And some special shout outs to Chip Love for getting up early to make the coffee so we could be ready at 8 a.m.; Marfa National Bank staff for allowing us to set up this event on their property; Yasmine Guevara and Mark Scott, who stopped by to volunteer; Kate Calder for burritos that kept us going; and Chinati Foundation, Big Bend Coffee Roasters and Convenience West for loaning us all kinds of things from coffee percolators to air pots to trash cans and supplies. Thanks, also, to Baker’s Dozen in Alpine for that very large order of donuts first thing in the morning. 

We appreciate all of y’all, 

Shelley Bernstein, Katy Rose Elsasser, David Garcia, Betty Gutierrez, Sandra Hinojos, Susan Kirr, Steve Marquez, Miguel Mendias, Linda Ojeda and Lance Webb 

Marfa Steps Up Board of Directors




I take this time to personally thank everyone that voted for me in the General Election for Brewster County judge. All your support will not be forgotten. My passion for community and vision for public interests to prevail over special interests remains.   

Oscar Cobos




I would like to thank the people of Presidio County for your vote of confidence in me as your county treasurer.

I will continue to do the best I can for our county. I appreciate your support and votes.   

Again, thank you Presidio County!!


Frances Garcia

Presidio County Treasurer 



Sometimes, when bad things happen, we meet the most wonderful and kind people. This is unique to the Big Bend, I’m sure.

My truck refused to speed up as I drove north of the airport. She kicked and bucked and refused to go forward. In total rebellion to my efforts, she stalled and would not start. It was getting dark and so cold.

A lovely family stopped to see how they could help. They were bringing their son back to Sul Ross. When this young man realized I was shivering, he took his jacket off and laid it on my shoulders. His sensitivity to my distress almost made me cry. I don’t do well if I am cold. This son helped by calling AAA for me. We were told it would be FOUR hours for their tow truck to get to me. I would have been deep in hypothermia by then. Why do I pay AAA???  

Then, a state trooper built like a refrigerator (that’s a compliment) drove up behind us and the lovely family went on their way. We blessed each other.

The trooper let me get in his cruiser to get warm which was his first kindness. Then he arranged for a tow to take my truck back to my mechanic where I picked it up that very morning “all fixed.”

I live in Fort Davis where the trooper drove me to meet up with a Jeff Davis County deputy sheriff who was yet another hero and drove me right to my gate in the DMR. He stayed with the high beams on to see that I got up the driveway safely.

Such kindness. I feel so grateful. I am so grateful. Bless them all.

Marjie Erkkila 

Fort Davis