Sports updates from MISD athletic director

In recent action players gather around Coach Alferez and Coach Ramirez during a break in play to discuss strategy. Photo courtesy of MISD Athletics.

MARFA — The Shorthorn basketball teams continue to battle their way through the district season. Currently the varsity girls and the boys share a 2-3 record. The girls squad picked up wins against Sierra Blanca and Fort Davis and two losses to Balmorhea and one loss to Van Horn. The boys team defeated Sierra Blanca and Dell City, but fell to Fort Davis, Van Horn and Balmorhea. Both teams still are in playoff contention with six games to go in the district season. Marfa now heads to Fort Davis on Friday for a 6 p.m. girls game and a 7:30 p.m. boys game.

Shorthorn powerlifters continue to make strong gains as they near the end of January’s final meet. At the Andrews’ Mustang Invitational Saturday, Marfa’s lifters put forth a strong showing with Annalise Jack Marquez placing second in the 181-pound division and Nathan Pena placing fourth in the 242-pound division. 



Marquez – 385 pound squat, 285 pound deadlift, 160 pound bench

Peña – 450 pound squat, 350 pound bench press

Diego – Jurado 355 pound squat, 250 pound bench press, 350 pound deadlift 

Samuel Salgado – 240 pound bench press, 340 pound deadlift

Isaiah Ramos – 160 pound bench press, 305 pound deadlift 

Upcoming events: Senior Night FRIDAY, February 3, 2023. Senior basketball players and powerlifters will be honored at the Marfa Shorthorn Gym beginning at 7:15 p.m.

Powerlifter Jaidan Villa attempts a squat lift during recent action. Photo courtesy of MISD Athletics.

Powerlifter Annalise Jack Marquez attempts a squat lift during recent action. Photo courtesy of MISD Athletics.