Four injured in cold weather multi-car pile-up crash on I-10

JEFF DAVIS COUNTY — Four people were injured — one critically — when over 20 vehicles collided Tuesday morning in a series of mounting pile-up crashes on I-10 west of Pecos due to icy roads.

The initial crash occurred around 8:40 a.m. just west of the I-10/I-20 split in Jeff Davis County, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, and involved at least 12 vehicles. A series of additional crashes happened as cars continued to collide into the existing pile-ups, per DPS spokesperson Sergeant Steven Blanco. Over 20 vehicles altogether were involved in the incident. The incident remains under investigation by DPS.

The roads were icy and conditions were foggy at the time of the crash, said Blanco, and weather is believed to have been a factor.

Though the crash occurred in Jeff Davis County, it occurred on a six-mile stretch of the interstate that is serviced by Reeves County first responders. Jerry Bullard, director of emergency management for Reeves County, said “slick roads” were to blame, and that the location of the crash is a consistent problem area for drivers in hazardous conditions.

“This is an area of incident every year,” said Bullard.

One person suffered critical injuries in the crash, said Bullard, while three suffered non-critical injuries. The patients were transported to Reeves Regional Health in Pecos. There have been no fatalities as a result of the crash.

Though I-10 eastbound was closed throughout Tuesday as debris was cleared from the roadway, the left lane of the eastbound interstate was reopened that evening, and the roadway was entirely cleared and reopened as of Wednesday morning. 

Hazardous driving conditions persisted throughout the region on Wednesday. An ice storm warning was issued for much of West Texas into Thursday morning, including in the area where Tuesday’s collision occurred.