The Marfa Studio of Arts to hold “Big Bend Photography Open” exhibition

The Marfa Studio of Arts will hold its second “Big Bend Photography Open” exhibition for all residents of the Big Bend Region. Anyone may submit up to three works of any photograph medium including digital, polaroid or alternative photographic techniques. The works can be delivered to the gallery on February 21, 22, and 23 from 1-5 p.m. The artists will be able to install their works in the gallery at that time. 

The photographs must be made by residents of the Big Bend Region including Marfa, Alpine, Fort Davis, Valentine, Presidio, Terlingua, Marathon and areas surrounding. The content of the works must reflect Big Bend life which could include landscape, architecture, people, animals, culture, etc. 

There is no entry fee but works designated for sale will have a 30% allocation to the MSA to support our programs. Entrants may put in up to 3 works. The photos do not need to be framed but must have some planned mode of installation (can be pinned up or held up with clips, we do not use tape on our gallery walls). 

For more information email us at [email protected]. Photo by Kristal Cuevas from the BBPO 2022