Dixon Water Foundation Selects Casey Wade as New President and CEO

Casey Wade, previous vice president of ranching operations for Dixon Water Foundation, has been named the organization’s new president and CEO. Wade, who used to live in Marfa, is in the process of relocating to town with his family. Photo by Terrie Wade.

Decatur, Texas – Dixon Water Foundation, a Texas-based non-profit organization that promotes healthy watersheds through good land management, is announcing the selection of Casey Wade as new President and CEO.

Wade has been with the Foundation for 12 years, first serving as West Texas ranch manager before being promoted to Vice President of Ranching Operations. Wade was selected by the Foundation’s Board in early February 2023. Wade will immediately begin to succeed out-going President and CEO Robert Potts who is retiring March 16, 2023 while still serving as Chairman of the Board for the Foundation. Potts has served as President and CEO since 2007.

“I am pleased that the board chose Casey Wade, our current VP for Ranching Operations, to be my successor,” states Potts. “He is an excellent choice and will lead the Foundation to the next level of effectiveness.”

Wade’s selection as President and CEO follows years of commitment to the management of the Foundation’s ranches, communication of the Foundation’s mission and guiding principles, and role as a valuable advocate of regenerative agriculture and watershed health.

“I’m really honored to have been chosen by the Board of Directors to serve as the new President and CEO of Dixon Water Foundation. Robert has done an amazing job of establishing the Foundation as a leader in watershed and ecological health. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Robert as he serves as Chairman of the Board.” states Wade. “Looking ahead, I see so many great opportunities for the Dixon Water Foundation. We have an amazing staff, really talented people, who are very knowledgeable and care deeply about our mission. It’s such a pleasure to get to work with them and be part of guiding the Foundation into the future.”

Wade is a husband and a father of three young sons. He has a love of the land and has enjoyed caring for wildlife and livestock for many years. He is a graduate of Hardin Simmons University and has spent most of his career managing hunting and wildlife operations as well as livestock ranches.

After a two year stay in Kenya, Africa, Casey was introduced to holistic land management while working with a wildlife management consulting firm. He was drawn to the idea of using livestock to improve degraded landscapes. At that point Casey began searching out further education and eventually a career in regenerative land management through ranching.
Dixon Water Foundation strives to achieve its mission through its research and demonstration ranches in Presidio County, near Marfa, Texas, and Cooke and Wise Counties, near Decatur, Texas. The Foundation hosts education events, supports research, awards grants and partners with organizations in line with their mission.