May 4 Letters to the Editor


The Z. H. Canyon Limited Partnership, known since 1925 as the C.E. Miller Ranch, owns and ranches land in northwest Presidio County. I am a partner and manager of the ranch.

I support Proposition 1 in the May 6, 2023, Presidio County election that will allow the Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District to levy ad valorem taxes to provide for operations of the Underground Water Conservation District.

I believe that the local district, with local Presidio County directors, is much preferable to the alternative of oversight and management of our water by state agencies.

There is much to be learned about our Presidio County underground water resources, and the revenue from Proposition 1 will support the gathering and compilation of data necessary for the successful management of those resources.

Water is vital to Presidio County. I urge you to support Proposition 1.


Albert W. Miller  


To the Voters of Presidio County, 

On May 6, 2023, there will be an election on Proposition 1. This will take some of the taxes you are already paying to the county and dedicate them directly to funding the groundwater district, so in effect there will be no tax increase to the taxpayers of Presidio County. The authority to tax is required by the law that created the groundwater district. If the voters do not approve Proposition 1, the groundwater district will disappear along with all the protections only a groundwater district can provide. This would leave the citizens of Presidio County exposed to real risks because of the Rule of Capture in Texas. The most important vote is to vote YES.

Water is becoming a big problem not only nationwide but worldwide. There are big cities in the U.S. that are running out of water, and eventually this problem is coming to small communities, and it is coming. I am a board member of the Pecos County Groundwater Conservation District and have been since it was created 20 years ago. It has been a very busy place for the government of Pecos County. We get people from all walks of life, it affects everybody one way or another, and the district does a great job of solving problems that are fair for everybody. Vote YES on Proposition 1.


R. Gonzalez

Fort Stockton

El Grande Ranch, Presidio County



Shaping the future of Alpine

As we welcome summer and outdoor activities, it is the perfect time for residents to get involved and engage in our city. The season provides a unique opportunity to make a positive impact, from participating in local events to exercising our right to vote. At City Hall there are two elections being held. One for the Ward 5 council position and one for Alpine ISD School Board. Remember, voting is a vital component of a healthy democracy and directly impacts the quality of life in our city. Election Day is Saturday, May 6.

Here’s how you can make the most of this summer while contributing to the improvement of Alpine:

  1. Attend local events: Summer is filled with community events, such as the farmers market, outdoor theater, concerts, festivals and art exhibits, just to name a few. Attending these events not only enriches your summer experience but also helps support local businesses and fosters a sense of community. Keep an eye out for events where you can learn more about local issues and meet with your elected county and city officials.
  2. Volunteer: Summer is an excellent time to volunteer your time and skills to support the city and local organizations. From helping at the museum, the Sunshine House, the family crisis center, the animal shelter and humane society to joining one of the local nonprofits, there are countless ways to make a positive impact. Volunteering not only improves our city, but also provides a sense of accomplishment and pride in your civic contributions.
  3. Engage with local government: Make it a point to attend city council meetings, town hall discussions, budget workshops, which are coming up quickly, and other government events throughout the summer and beyond. By actively participating in local decision-making processes, you can help shape the policies and initiatives that directly affect our day-to-day lives.
  4. Practice environmental stewardship: Summertime activities can generate additional waste and pollution. Be a responsible citizen by recycling, conserving water and properly disposing of waste. Participate in our community cleanup events. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Let’s work together to keep Alpine beautiful.
  5. Stay informed and share information: Keep up-to-date with local news and issues by following our city website and social media, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper and attending community meetings. Share important information with your family, friends and neighbors to keep them informed as well.
  6. Support local businesses: Summer is an excellent time to explore your community and patronize local businesses. Supporting small businesses helps create a thriving local economy and can also lead to stronger connections within the community.
  7. Encourage others to get involved: Inspire your friends, family and neighbors to join you in civic activities this summer. Share information about local events and the election, invite them to volunteer with you, and foster open conversations about the importance of being an active community member.

By taking an active role in your community this summer, you not only enhance your own experience but also contribute to a more vibrant and thriving Alpine. Embrace the spirit of civic responsibility, participate in the democratic process, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the place we call home, our Alpine. Your voice and actions matter –– and together, we can shape the future of our city. 

Mayor Catherine Eaves



Dear Editor,

Everything in the desert depends upon a sustainable water source, and the Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District (PCUWCD) provides to all of us the information we need to best maintain that valuable resource. The PCUWCD helps landowners to understand how best to utilize our water in order to maintain it now and for generations to come. My family has ranched in Presidio County for almost 85 years. I recently participated in a groundwater survey project conducted by the PCUWCD on my ranch in Presidio County. The results of the survey allowed me to understand the health and sustainability of the aquifer that underlies my ranch. In Presidio County we are fortunate to presently have adequate underground water to draw from. We must preserve that water and the water district. I urge everyone to vote FOR Proposition 1 on May 6.

Ira Y. Blanton Jr.

Peñitas Springs Ranch

Presidio County


Dear Editor,

Many thanks to all the Marfa Museum Thrift Store visitors who purchased raffle tickets in support of the Marfa and Presidio County Museum. Heather Rickleff of Alpine was the lucky winner of the quilt raffle. Robbie Fellows, longtime Marfa resident, lovingly made the hand-stitched, washable quilt and donated it to the thrift store to be raffled off to benefit the Marfa and Presidio County Museum. The winning ticket was drawn at Blackwell School’s block party. The raffle garnered $326 for the museum.  


Marfa and Presidio County Board of Directors


Dear Editor,

Sometimes we all need a hero.

In the disastrous and final breakdown of my van, which was loaded to the roof with hay, horse feed, dog food and baskets of miscellaneous weird stuff that I might need, I had two heroes –– actually, three.

AAA Plus failed me completely. I was in an area where I had no cell phone service, and after using a passing friend’s phone for my initial call, I discovered that AAA insisted on a call back number. Impossible.  

As the sun was going down, a very professional and kind female Alpine police officer stopped to check on me. At that time, I was doing fine, just anxious to get home.

Then, the sun went down and the temperature dropped. I could only make emergency calls, so I asked 911 to call AAA and speed them up. I was getting very cold.

Later, one of my heroes, Deputy Sheriff Aaron Zwahr, stopped and urged me to sit in his warm cruiser and wait. Eventually, he helped me by calling ALL the tow companies. AAA Plus said they could not tow my vehicle until Monday, and this disaster happened Friday at about 5:45 p.m. What was I paying AAA for?

So, Deputy Sheriff Zwahr made a plan to meet the wonderful Jeff Davis County sheriff, C.W. Stephens, at the county line to shuttle me home. It was now about 2 a.m., and I walked through my gate to the greeting of my horse at 3 a.m. Home safe.

Thank you to these fine sheriffs who helped this stressed-out, freezing woman get back to my animals who could not understand where I was.

“To protect and serve” is truly what these great officers do. 

Marjie Erkkila

Fort Davis