IN PHOTOS: Presidio High upperclassmen spend an ‘Enchanted Night’ at prom

Adilene Porras and her date, Adrian Armendariz, pose for photos before Presidio High School’s Junior-Senior Prom. Staff photo by Sam Karas.

PRESIDIO — Last Saturday evening, Presidio High school students danced the night away at their annual junior-senior prom. The theme — “Enchanted Night at the Fairytale Gardens” — was chosen by the junior class, who traditionally organize prom in celebration of the graduating seniors. 

While volunteers hung streamers and string lights, prom attendees gathered at St. Francis Plaza during the golden hour to take photos. Parents and siblings helped strategically pin gowns and adjust hats while the clock wound down to the main event — everyone showed up in high style, with elaborate corsages, freshly-washed trucks and beaming smiles. 

Senior Laisa Arevalo brought her date all the way from El Paso to celebrate the big night. Her elaborate look was a homegrown family affair: her mom, Yesenia, helped her choose her dramatic maroon gown and tailored it to fit perfectly. Arevalo did her nails, hair and makeup herself — all in all, the process took three hours. 

The whole thing felt a little surreal. “There’s a lot of girls who are used to it, but I never do my makeup this much,” Arevalo said. “I was a little uncomfortable at first taking pictures, but it was really fun.” 

Arevalo and her classmates only have a few more weeks together before they part ways and start their lives — in her case, to study child development. “I just want to dance a lot, have fun and be with people,” she said. 

The crowd gradually made their way to Benito Hall behind the Santa Teresa Church. Adult prom volunteers donned wire-and-mesh angel wings to make themselves easier to spot in the crowd. (Event security — led by PISD Police Chief Joel Nuñez — declined to wear the get-up, but greeted the attendees with smiles all the same.)

One angel — Vicente Bocanegra — was thrilled to earn his wings. “[I was told] to stand here and make it feel magical,” he said. “It just captures the theme all around. This is a night a lot of kids focus on and really look forward to.” 

Presidio High School digital media teacher Gabriela Flores coordinated the planning of the event, led by Junior Class President Mayte Flotte, Vice President Valerie Armendariz, Secretary Herman Reyes and Treasurer Natalie Sanchez. “Our juniors just wanted to make sure that the evening was extra special,” she said. 

Martin Baeza & Kimberly Reyes

Gilda Huerta helps put her daughter Yulitza’s corsage on before the Presidio High School prom. Photo by Sam Karas.

Leonel Viramontes & Mariana Muñoz

Yulitza Huerta

Brodie Wright and Josselyn Melchor

The Quiroz family