May 11 Letters to the Editor


The Rotary Club of Marfa would like to say thank you to everyone in our community who helped support our golf tournament last Sunday. Your support makes it possible for us to provide college scholarships and leadership camp scholarships to our high school students and to serve our community in every way that we can. In particular we want to thank our sponsors and raffle donors: Marfa National Bank, Livingston Insurance Agency, Big Bend Coffee Roasters, Marfa Realty, The Sentinel Marfa, Skiles Properties LLC, The Hotel Paisano, Livingston Ranch Supplies, Cactus Liquors, Mayor Manny Baeza, Fowlkes Cattle Co., Action Heating & Cooling, Lilliana Fields Architect, El Muerto Springs Ranch, Eddie Pallarez, Triangle Quarter Horses, Frances & Eugenia Wright, The Austinite Guest House, Carmen’s Boutique Hotel, Trey Gerfers, Marfa Yards, Barbara Love, Ben Deluca, Oscar & Cheri Aquero, Moonlight Gemstones, Marfa Burrito, Marfa Chamber of Commerce, Cristina & Hector Martinez, Marfa Rent Tools, International Women’s Foundation, Para Llevar, Planet Marfa, Silla, Susan Kirr & Rusty Martin, Mark Morrison & Patrick Daly, The Lincoln Marfa, The Marfa Store, Presidio County Community Fund, Robert & Hillary Summers, Margaret’s In Marfa, Bill Bryan, Lajitas Golf Course, Joe Williams for the Cloudcroft Lodge golf package, Virgina Platt, Marjo Skiles, Genevieve Bassham, The Get Go, Dairy Queen, Josie & Eliseo Martinez. Last but certainly not least, all the golfers who entered the tournament, purchased lots of raffle tickets, and came out to play a little golf and have a lot of fun. 

Marjo Skiles 

The Rotary Club of Marfa


Dear Porter’s:  

I just want to say how much I enjoy the Marfa store. I think of Porter’s as one of the things that ties our community(s) together. Porter’s is always a big donor to area charities. I understand they support employee continuing education. Porter’s has also been making major community investments with three new stores in the area. 

I also want to put in my two cents on any changes to the Marfa store in the future. I like the look and layout of the current store. Please keep it light and airy. I find the new stores to be dark and claustrophobic. I am totally behind an expansion of the produce section. I salute your daring choice to include healthy, organic and top-tier items in the inventory. I find the employees to be helpful. Even the parking lot has a better layout than others I have had to navigate.

So, in closing, there is always room for upgrades and improvements, but our local Marfa store continues to be a welcoming, open, and nourishing place for locals and visitors alike.

Thank You,

Scott May




I keep hearing about how the people of Texas are grieving over the latest mass shootings in Allen and Cleveland, Texas. The truth is that the majority of people in Texas don’t care.

To many of us that is a horrible and outrageous statement, but if the majority of Texans really cared they would not continue to elect and reelect Republicans at all levels of government who we know — WE KNOW -— will do nothing about gun violence.  

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over (electing Republicans) expecting different results. Until the majority of Texans understand that, we will never have different results.

Fred Gossien