Texas Master Naturalist opens registration for new member training

Texas Master Naturalists complete an analogue beaver dam near Alamito Creek, Spring 2022. Photo by Susan Kirr.

TRI-COUNTY — The Tierra Grande Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists has opened registration for new members to participate in training sessions this summer and fall.

Certified Texas Master Naturalists are volunteers that provide education, outreach and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within local communities. Members have built and maintained trails, native plant and pollinator gardens, bird blinds, wildlife watering features, and viewing platforms. Members also help with visitor orientation and interpretive hikes in parks and natural areas. 

Tierra Grande Chapter projects have included wetland restoration and maintenance at the Sandia Wetlands, restoration of riparian environments along Alamito Creek, working with the Dark Skies Initiative to reduce light pollution and more. 

To become a Texas Master Naturalist, each volunteer will complete a state-approved training program with at least 40 hours of combined field and classroom instruction. Tierra Grande has customized the curriculum into nine training sessions focused on local ecosystems within the greater Big Bend area, with training sessions held at Davis Mountains State Park, Balmorhea State Park, Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area, The Nature Conservancy’s Davis Mountains Preserve and more.

If you are at least 18 years old and have an interest in learning more about the precious and diverse natural areas and resources in the Big Bend area and helping promote human and environmental health within our communities for the benefit of current and future generations, become and volunteer as a Texas Master Naturalist. 

For more information, visit txmn.org/tierra/join/ or email Warren Shaul at [email protected].