Locals celebrate the 4th of July with America’s favorite pastime

Desiree Espada helps Benicio Cuevas light a sparkler in the Yonke Gallos baseball team dugout. Photo by Cody Bjornson.

MARFA — The local sandlot baseball team, the Yonke Gallos de Marfa, held a Fourth of July bash at Vizcaino Park complete with home runs, hot dogs and fireworks. 

Photo by Cody Bjornson.

The Gallos faced off against the East Austin Ramblers, besting the out-of-towners with a score of 11 to 7. Pyrotechnic hijinks including smoke bombs and firecrackers played out on the field and special guest star Ross Cashiola pitched one inning. 

Spectators cheered on from the sun-soaked stands and the trunks of their vehicles parked along the field. At one point, Mac White and company, carried by a mule-drawn carriage, showed up to take in the festivities. After sunset and the conclusion of the baseball game, attendees fanned out onto the field and in the parking lot to shoot off fireworks and sparklers under the night sky.

Brenda Garcia serves up a tequila shot to Victor Fuentez at the Yonke Gallos versus East Austin Ramblers baseball game on July 4th. Fuentez and his son Vince, who plays on the Gallos, provided hotdogs for the event. Photo by Cody Bjornson.

Jerram Rojo sports a lucha libre mask from the dugout at the 4th of July Los Yonke Gallos de Marfa baseball game. Photo by Cody Bjornson.

Locals gathered at Vizcaino Park on the 4th of July to watch a spirited baseball game between the Los Yonke Gallos de Marfa and the East Austin Ramblers. Photo by Cody Bjornson.

Thelma and Louise, mules belonging to Mac White, transported baseball game goers via an old school wooden wagon to Vizcaino Park. Photo by Cody Bjornson.

The East Austin Ramblers and Los Yonke Gallos de Marfa baseball teams conclude the July 4th game with friendly high-fives, hugs and handshakes. The Gallos beat the Ramblers 11 to 7. Photo by Cody Bjornson.

Los Yonke Gallos de Marfa baseball players revel in their 4th of July victory against visiting team the East Austin Ramblers. From left, Nick Fazio, Nicolas Bustillos, Loren Schooley and Anthony DeSimone. Photo by Cody Bjornson.

Clark Childers and partner Adam Walton light a series of fireworks from the back of their truck at Vizcaino Park on July 4th. Photo by Cody Bjornson.