MISD begins sports season with victories in football and volleyball

Junior Derick Campos scored several touchdowns on behalf of the Shorthorns last Friday at the Sul Ross Six-Man Shootout. The team was victorious over Sanderson, beating them with a score of 72-28, and marking the first time in many years the high school football team has started off the season with a strong win. Photo courtesy of Dency McClure, Texas 1A Fan.

MARFA — In a display of skill and teamwork, Marfa emerged victorious in a one-sided victory at the Sul Ross State University football stadium Friday night over Sanderson.  

The victory is not only the first time the Shorthorns have won at Jackson Field during the Six-Man Shootout, but it is also first-year Head Coach Edgar Ramirez’s first career victory at the helm of the football program. The Shorthorns scored early and often to the delight of the Shorthorn faithful, with Marfa cheers echoing through the stadium for a 72-28 victory.

From the kickoff, it was evident that Marfa was well prepared and on a mission. Their seamless and strategic plays caught Sanderson off guard with Derick Campos finding the end zone several times in the first half. The offensive line, led by Diego Jurado and Ayden Alvarez, maintained consistent protection and pressure throughout the game, leaving the Eagles struggling to regain control of the ball.

Marfa’s defense thwarted many attempts by the Eagles and put forth a solid defensive wall, orchestrated by Ayden Alvarez and Luis Solis, denying their opponent’s offense an opportunity to score.

The halftime break did little to dampen the Shorthorns’ offense, as Jaden Nunez and Campos continued their offensive showcase. Despite a short-lived offensive run by Sanderson, Marfa managed to find the end zone multiple times in the second half to send the Eagles home with a loss.

Marfa now hosts their home opener during the Marfa Lights Festival this weekend against El Paso DaVinci with a 7:30 p.m. kick-off time, September 1, 2023. For the first time in seven years, since 2015, the Horns start the season 1-0 and the Marfa community is buzzing with excitement.

In a showcase of youthful skill, Marfa emerged triumphant in several matches in five days. The Lady Horns have defeated McCamey, Balmorhea, and Fort Stockton JV at the Van Horn Dual in thrilling matches held at the Fort Stockton Tournament and Van Horn Dual. Right from the first serve, it was evident that the Lady Horns were determined to secure a win, and the squad kept the Badgers down from the opening serve and were able to close them out easily on Friday and Tuesday. With seamless coordination and strategic plays, Ava Flores and Raven Martinez left the Badgers struggling to keep up and unable to dig kills by the duo. Maryfer Martinez made crucial spikes and blocks to put Marfa in the lead early in the games, allowing for synchronization among the Lady Shorthorns.

Sophomore setter Ava Flores put forth expertly placed balls for the attackers, like Raven Martinez and Maryfer Martinez, who unleashed powerful spikes that left McCamey and Fort Stockton JV in disarray. The defense, commanded by Zoey Salgado, exhibited impeccable reflexes and communication, preventing the opponents from gaining any significant advantage. Marfa now hosts Presidio and DaVinci volleyball with the team playing at 4:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Friday at the Marfa Shorthorn Gym and Hibbits Gym.