Presidio ISD parents encouraged to attend next week’s Title I presentation

PRESIDIO — Next week, Presidio High School will host a meeting for district parents to learn about the school’s Title I status and how they can help the district thrive. The district is required to host the meeting in order to receive federal funds, but snacks and treats will be provided to encourage parents to attend.

A Title I school district is a district that has been identified by the federal government to have a minimum of 40% of its students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Higher numbers of economically at-risk students qualify the district for additional funding, focused on helping underserved populations like English-language acquisition students, homeless students, students with disabilities and children of migrant working families.

Title I funding requires that the district set aside 1% of its additional funding to engage with parents and families and enlist their help in making each school year a success. Per the Every Student Succeeds Act, signed into law by President Obama in 2015, each Title I district must “jointly develop with, and distribute to, parents and family members of participating children a written Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan.”

Part of that engagement is notifying parents of their specific rights and opportunities to be involved in their child’s education. This involves activities like volunteering in classrooms, assisting in the writing of and execution of school policy and serving on parental advisory boards.

Presidio ISD’s Title I presentation will be held next Wednesday, September 6, in the Presidio High School Cafeteria. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m.