Marfa football, volleyball and cross-country shine bright during the Marfa Lights Festival Weekend

Lady Shorthorns Ava Flores and Raven Martinez descend on the net. Marfa’s young volleyball core continues to produce veteran results for MISD. Photo courtesy of MISD Athletics.

MARFA — The Lady Shorthorns set the tone for Marfa’s Friday night successes in volleyball and football during a back and forth match against Presidio that spanned four intense sets. 


Marfa secured a hard-fought victory during the varsity and junior varsity squads’ matches thanks to Marfa’s captains, Ava Flores and Raven Martinez. The young duo led the charge against the Blue Devils and provided the program with great effort and optimism as the pair rose to the occasion during the game on the defensive and offensive side of the net.

The Marfa faithful witnessed a thrilling showdown as the Shorthorns showcased their resilience and skill against their class 3A opponent. Flores and Martinez played a pivotal role in guiding the young and promising underclassmen to a win by stepping up with timely kills, sets and defensive stops.

The first set saw both teams battling back and forth, with each point ending after a  hard-earned play. While Flores displayed exceptional leadership, rallying her teammates with words of encouragement and demonstrating her strong court awareness, Martinez continued to reassure her teammates with timely kills and diving defensive plays and blocks. With the set tipping in favor of Marfa, the win set the tone for the next three sets.

Throughout the first set, freshman libero, Zoey Salgado, began to find her rhythm, along with offensive players, Dariella Martinez and Itzel Urrutia. The young trio showcased remarkable talent, delivering powerful kills and precise serves that left spectators in awe.

The visiting team put up a fierce fight in the second set, but the Lady Horns continued to draw inspiration from their captains as the duo came through with diving saves and expertly placed sets and shots, and their determination proved infectious.

As the third and fourth set unfolded, the crowd watched in anticipation as the Marfa regained momentum. The young players, now showing their confidence, contributed significantly to the team’s success. The match reached its climax in the fourth set, with Marfa sealing the victory in a thrilling fashion, with a set by Flores to Martinez for the final kill and point.

After the match, Head Coach Serrano commented about the program’s future. “I’m incredibly proud of our team today. Our captains’ leadership in Flores and Martinez was outstanding, and the young players stepped up admirably. This win is a testament to their hard work and dedication.”

As the players left the court to the applause of the crowd, it was evident that Marfa had not just secured a victory, but had also forged a path towards a promising future.

Jaden Nunez continues to pummel defenders with the help of Luis Solis. Photo courtesy of Dency McClure, Texas 1A Fan.


The Marfa Shorthorns dominated their home opener with a one-sided victory as they triumphed over the Da Vinci Dragons, leaving fans in awe and players elated. With expectations high, the game slowly unfolded as a one-sided victory, with the Shorthorns showcasing their dominance on the field.

From the opening kickoff, Martin Field was electric as fans filled the stands; the Marfa Lights Festival brought in a larger than usual crowd to the game. Fans eagerly anticipated the debut of their beloved Horns on their home field. The excitement was palpable, and it didn’t take long for the crowd to erupt into cheers while Marfa put up 49 unanswered points to send the Dragons home via mercy rule with a 49-0 loss.

From the opening kick off, junior Derick Campos and the Horns took immediate control of the game, dominating possession from the first whistle. With a relentless offense, Marfa kept pushing the opposing defense to its limits and within the quarter, Marfa had secured a comfortable lead, and they never looked back.

Joining Campos on the offensive showcase were Jaden Nunez, Marco Ruiz, Alejandro Rodriguez, and freshman standout, Ayden Alvarez. This offensive unit made sure the Dragons never stood a chance against the Horns.

“The team executed the game plan perfectly, and it’s obvious that their teamwork is something that will take us far this season,” said Coach Edgar Ramirez. “This victory against Da Vinci is a testament to our team’s commitment and talent and we hope to continue to build on that.”

Marfa now looks to week three’s opponent; Fort Hancock. The homecoming match-up kicks off at 7:30 p.m. at Martin Field, preceded by the JH Horns at 5 p.m.


Marfa’s cross-country runners have a strong showing despite not fielding a full running force. Although the Shorthorns were unable to fully participate at the Van Horn Red Rock Invitational due to football and volleyball games, Marfa runners ran strong and placed in their respective divisions. Head Coach Firmin said that despite Marfa’s low numbers, the team ran with a lot of grit and determination. Francisco Rosas finished the boys varsity 3-mile run in third place, Liani Salcido finished in fourth in the 2-mile girls varsity division. In the junior division, Alyssa Hardin finished in seventh in the girls JH division, while Diego Sanche-Bravo finished seventh in the boys JH division.