Marfa High School Homecoming Court Nominees 2023

Queen candidates, top row, left to right: Fernanda Rivera, Samantha Martinez, Ana Gallegos, Liani Salcido, Yvette “Kily” Ortiz and Ximena Longoria. King candidates, bottom row, left to right: Luis Solis, Estradas Flores, Zach Wilson, Marco Ruiz, Dustin Martinez and Jack Marquez.

Dukes and duchesses

Dariela Munoz and Asael Zubia

9th grade

Duke: Asael Zubia

Asael Zubia is the son of Florcita and Ernesto Zubia. He has participated in football his freshman year and plans to participate in cross-country, basketball, golf and track. He hopes to live a successful and giving future.

Duchess: Dariela Munoz

Dariela Munoz is the daughter of Ruth Martinez and Edy Munoz. She has participated in volleyball and cross-country so far but plans to play softball later on. She plans to live a successful life after high school.

Ava Flores and Alejandro Rodriguez

10th grade

Duke: Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez is the grandson of Claudia Rodriguez. Alex has participated in football, basketball, golf, cross-country, track and folklorico dance. Alex qualified for regionals in cross-country and plans on playing these sports throughout his high school years.

Duchess: Ava Flores

Ava Flores is the daughter of Luis and Lori Flores. Throughout high school she has participated in cheer, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, track, softball and golf. During Ava’s freshman year, she qualified for state in cross-country. She will continue to participate in these various sports throughout high school. After high school Ava plans to attend college.

Francisco Rosas and Marisa Hernandez

11th grade

Duke: Francisco Javier Rosas

Francisco Javier Rosas is the son of Francisco Rosas and Crisol Estrada. He has participated in cross-country and track as well as football his sophomore year. Francisco has qualified for regionals in cross-country since his freshman year, taking place in San Angelo, Texas, as well as making it to the area meet for track located in Rankin. As a sophomore, he placed top 20 in the regional meet, almost advancing to state, but plans on advancing this year with high hopes. Francisco has also participated and advanced to regionals for the VASE art competition which took place in Odessa, Texas, his sophomore year, also hoping to make it to state. He is also part of the National Honors Society and student council. After high school, Francisco plans on attending Texas State University located in San Marcos, Texas, to major in psychology and pathophysiology.

Duchess: Marisa Hernandez

Marisa Hernandez is the daughter of Arlene Conners and Ruben Hernandez. Marisa has participated in basketball throughout her high school year and will continue to participate in basketball this year. Throughout summer she worked at the Marfa city pool as a lifeguard. She worked at Dairy Queen and currently works at Angels Restaurant. After high school, Marisa plans to attend college at San Angelo. 

Queen candidates, top row, left to right: Fernanda Rivera, Samantha Martinez, Ana Gallegos, Liani Salcido, Yvette “Kily” Ortiz and Ximena Longoria. King candidates, bottom row, left to right: Luis Solis, Estradas Flores, Zach Wilson, Marco Ruiz, Dustin Martinez and Jack Marquez.

Homecoming king and queen candidates 2023

12th-grade king candidates:

Jack Marquez: Jack is the son of Roxye Lara and Eduardo Marquez Jr. and stepson of Jessica Marquez. Throughout high school, Jack has participated in golf, volleyball, powerlifting, football, softball, track and field, VASE, science fair, and UIL mathematics. Jack advanced to state in powerlifting his junior year, and plans to achieve first place in weight class at state this year senior year with an overall total of 950 lbs. Jack is a frequent A-honor roll student, has been an active member of the National Honor Society since 2022, and is currently the top of the 2024 Class. After high school, Jack plans to go to college at UT in Austin or NMSU in Las Cruces and major in biology to pursue the medical field. Jack would like to say to his friends and family: “Thank you to every coach and teacher that has pushed me to go further than I would’ve thought possible. I would not be the person I am today without you. I would also like to especially thank my mom and my grandma for being at every game and meet you could attend. I appreciate your continued support.”

Dustin Martinez: Dustin Martinez is the grandson of Jeanie Lujan. He has participated in cross-country, basketball and track all throughout high school, including football for three years of high school. He has qualified for regionals in cross-country taking place in San Angelo, Texas, all throughout his high school years. As a junior, he made it to his first regional track meet in San Angelo. After high school, Dustin plans to attend college at Sul Ross located in Alpine, Texas.

Esdras Flores: Esdras is the son of Yaneli and Javier Flores. He participated in golf his junior year and qualified for the regional golf tournament that same year. Esdras enjoys competing in the sport of boxing outside of school with the Alpine Boxing Club. He also participated in the MISD welding program during his four years in high school. For the last year and a half, he has been employed with his father’s company at Kora construction. Upon graduating, Esdras would like to enroll in a four-year university to study business management and hopes to move to Houston, Texas, after he completes his education.

Luis Solis: Luis Solis is the son of Shawn and Mayra Williams. Luis has participated in football, has been the MISD volleyball manager, basketball, track, golf, softball manager, one-act, and UIL. As a one-act cast member, the cast achieved the district championship and advanced to the area round. He is currently an active member of student council and after high school he hopes to attend UTSA and major in kinesiology and minor in communications.  He hopes to eventually become a volleyball coach in the future and would like to say a special thanks to all his coaches and teachers for always pushing him and supporting him. He would also like to give a big thank you to his family for always being there for him, and he will be forever grateful for everything they have done for him.

Marco Ruiz: Marco is the son of Liz Ruiz and Olga Rubio. He participated in cross-country, football, basketball, track and field, and golf. Marco is a two-time regional qualifier in cross-country and track and also a golf regional qualifier. Marco plans on attending the University of Colorado in Boulder and studying photography and film. Marco also works at Cochineal as a server/host. Marco loves to spend time with his friends and loves to workout. 

Zach Wilson: Zach is the son of Sylinthia Wilson. He participated in basketball and track for four years, and football, cross-country and golf for three years. He was a regional qualifier for golf one year, track one year, and cross-country two years. After high school, he plans to go to Sul Ross to study kinesiology when he graduates. 


12th-grade queen candidates:

Fernanda Rivera: Fernanda Rivera is the daughter of Mayra Lujan and Fernando Rivera. Fernanda has participated in volleyball, basketball, softball, track and golf and was a regional qualifier in softball and track, and bi-district champion in basketball. Fernanda also participated in the one-act play as a junior, where the cast advanced from the district level and were alternates in advancing to the area play. Fernanda is currently employed at The Get Go and plans on participating in basketball, softball, track, golf and one-act play her final high school year. Her hobbies included hanging out with her friends and sleeping. After graduation she plans on attending college and majoring in business and cosmetology so that she can come home and open her own business.

Samantha Martinez Ramirez: Samantha Martinez Ramirez is the daughter of Jose De La Rosa and Fabiola Ramirez. She participated in golf her freshman year and advanced to regionals. Her freshman and sophomore years, she was part of the varsity cheer squad. As a junior, she made it to regionals for science fair and was a state qualifier as well. Samantha was inducted into the National Honor Society her junior year. As a senior she became class president. Samantha has been a reporter for the Shorthorn newsletter for the last two years, and throughout high school has participated in art and yearbook.This year she became senior class president. During the summer, she started as an intern at Ballroom Marfa where she works as an administrative gallery assistant. Samantha plans on attending Texas State in San Marcos to major in communications.

Liani Salcido: Liani Salcido is the daughter of Cristina Gutierrez and granddaughter of Rosa Maria and Arturo Gutierrez. Throughout her high school years she has participated in cross-country, volleyball, basketball, track, softball and golf. Liani was a regional qualifier for cross-country her freshmen, sophomore and junior years, and junior year was a state qualifier. Liani will continue to participate in cross-country, basketball and track throughout her senior year. Liani has worked at the courthouse, Porters and is now working at Aster. Some of her hobbies include working out, babysitting, hanging out with friends and family and running. After high school, Liani plans on going to college to run and pursue her criminal justice career. One thing she’d like to tell everyone who’s been a part of her life through good and bad is: “Thank you all for the countless love and support y’all have given me. I am who I am because of you all. Mamá, Abuelo, Abuela, haré todo lo posible en hacer los orgullosos, los haré feliz y los ayudaré a salir adelante como les a prometido les agradezco de todo corazón por todo el amor y apoyo que me enseñan cada dia. Gracias por hacer todo lo posible por sacar me adelante, no les fallare. Coach Ramirez, thank you for always being there for me and pushing me to be a better person everyday. Thank you for showing me and believing in me even when no one else did. To my classmates, we’ve all had our moments, but I am so proud of each and every one of you and I know you all will do great things! Lower classmen, DO IT! No matter what the obstacle is, it’s better to take a chance then question what would’ve happened if it wasn’t taken.”

Ana Ximena Longoria: Soy hija de Jesus Joel Longoria Garcia y Jesus de la Concepcion Morales Guevara. Tengo en primera lista estudiar la universidad cerca de mis seres queridos porque así me sentiría mejor y con muchas más ganas de lograr mi objetivo, todavía no se que carrera estudiar pero ya tengo algunas opciones. Por un momento creí que el soccer era mi deporte favorito pero creo que ahora es softball, quiero agradecerle a mis coaches por enseñarme que podemos siempre mejorar y dar lo mejor de nosotros y que necesitas caer para levantarse y seguir fuerte y hacia delante, a mis padres también porque me apoyaron en todo momento y aunque no les gustaban mis ideas y siempre estábamos con mi futuro. A mis tíos que me recibieron con las puertas abiertas de su casa y quiero decirles que ustedes se convirtieron en mi segunda familia de verdad muchas gracias a todos por su cariño. Espero de todo corazón lograr lo que tengo en mente porque no quiero decepcionar a los que creen en mí.

Ana Gallegos: Ana Gallegos is the daughter of Ana Venegas and Luis Martinez. She has participated in football, basketball, track, softball and powerlifting and made it to regionals in powerlifting her sophomore year. She also participated in one-act and made it to regionals her junior year in one-act. Ana worked at Dairy Queen and is currently working at Saint George. After high school Ana plans on going to college to study criminal justice. Ana quiere agradecer a sus abuelos por enseñarle lo que es bueno y lo que es malo, a todos sus seres queridos. Te amo nana y grandpa.

Yvette Kily Avila: Yvette Avila is the daughter of Maria Ortiz and Juan Avila. Yvette has worked at Far West Texas Cattle Company in Alpine, Texas, at Airbnbs, and is currently employed at The Water Stop. Yvette was treasurer her junior year for her class, participated in yearbook, and UIL’s one-act play, where they were regional qualifiers. She is still active in this year’s one-act play, The Alamito Foundation, the College Community Career Program, and YoungLife. Yvette plans on attending college and is planning to major in cosmetology.