Lowe’s Markets to take over Porter’s locations after 78 years

TRI-COUNTY — Porter’s announced last week that Lowe’s Markets, another independent, Texas-based supermarket chain, will take over its stores effective December 1. 

“The joy and responsibility to serve people from all walks of life in our stores have been among the highest honors and pleasures for all at Porter’s these last 78 years,” reads the acquisition announcement. “We have been blessed to work with genuinely incredible individuals and are so grateful for our time in each of our communities.” 

Porter’s is based in Andrews, Texas, and was founded in 1945 by Ray and Tiny Porter. It has 10 locations across West Texas, and is the primary grocery supplier for the citizens of Alpine, Fort Davis, Marfa, Presidio, Marathon, and south Brewster County. 

Over the past couple of years, Porter’s has conducted structural upgrades, or moved to new facilities altogether, at each of its locations in the tri-county except for its Marfa location. Old locations in Fort Davis and Alpine are still up for sale.

The new owner, Lowe’s Markets, is based in Littlefield, Texas, and was founded in 1963. It has numerous locations across West Texas, the closest being in Fort Stockton, as well as locations in New Mexico and Colorado. Porter’s representatives said it and Lowe’s Markets, both family-run businesses, shared similar business values. 

“Lowe’s Markets and the Lowe family closely align with those same founding principles that Porter’s and the Porter family built upon, and we know they will continue to take care of our customers and team members,” wrote Porter’s in a statement. 

Save for the logo, it is unclear what, if anything, will change come December. Porter’s declined to provide any additional information aside from their initial announcement about the acquisition. 

Matt Corbin, director of marketing for Lowe’s, said Porter’s employees will keep their jobs, and because Porter’s stores are well-run as is, the company didn’t foresee making any major changes. Both Porter’s and Lowe’s supply goods from Affiliated Foods Inc., out of Amarillo. 

For now, the acquisition is still new and details are being worked out, said Corbin. Lowe’s is familiar with servicing smaller, rural communities, he said, and aims to provide locally-sourced fresh products for customers whenever possible.  

“For our sourcing, for meat and produce, I would like to believe you’re going to see higher quality products, fresher products, more locally-sourced products from us,” said Corbin. “That is one of the benefits of you being part of the Lowe’s family.”