Supporting Texas retired teachers and Proposition 9

“Why I support a COLA increase for retired teachers and why YOU should vote for Proposition 9 this November”

While I have always been a staunch supporter and believer in public education, it should not be lost that public school teachers are the cornerstone of these schools. As you know, retired teachers have not had a meaningful cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in nearly two decades. At a time of increasing inflation, passing this COLA was crucial.

The rise in inflation is a painful reality for families across Texas, but for retired teachers, it hits especially hard. To coincide with rising housing costs, utilities, grocery bills and healthcare, it is shameful that those who have spent their careers empowering the next generation may find themselves choosing medical care over groceries.

However, it is not just supporting through an economic means, but a moral one. Our retired teachers have committed themselves to the betterment of our society, investing their time, energy and passion into the betterment and education of generations of Texans, including myself. Now, it is our responsibility to ensure that retired teachers have a secure and dignified retirement they deserve. As a parent of two adult daughters who served as public educators, this proposition hits close to home.

Proposition 9, which will be on the ballot this November, is imperative for Texans to vote in favor of it. If passed, Texas will step up in a time of need to maintain fiscal security and quality of life for our retired teachers. This issue goes beyond our retired teachers. By passing Proposition 9, we are sending a strong message to our current teachers and those who aspire to be educators that we will have their backs in the years to come.

Supporting public education means supporting all aspects of it. I am proud of the work the Texas Legislature did to send that message — that we support our teachers, and especially our retired teachers. I look forward to hitting the polls with you this November and hopefully see you there!