Voting for the future of Texas

In November 7, 2023, voters like yourself will hold the power to influence our state’s trajectory, on major kitchen table issues families care about like property taxes, child care, education, broadband, healthcare and more by voting on 14 constitutional amendments, also known as propositions.

One notable proposition, Proposition 11, has a significant impact in El Paso County.

In 2003, the Texas Constitution was amended, allowing conservation and reclamation districts in certain counties across the state to issue bonds to fund the development and maintenance of parks and recreation facilities, however, El Paso County was left out of this constitutional amendment.

Proposition 11, which I filed and passed as Senate Bill 938 during the 88th Texas Legislative Session, would correct that omission, granting conservation and reclamation districts in El Paso County the power to issue bonds for parks and greenspace if local voters approve the bonds.

As the El Paso community continues to grow, additional park space can improve the quality of life for El Pasoans and spur economic development. To attract and retain top talent in El Paso, we need to provide unique benefits the community can offer, like a safe community with ample park space to enjoy the 297 days of sunshine we get each year. Prop 11 will achieve this goal, should voters approve to allow the issuance of bonds for parks and greenspace.

But Proposition 11 is just one of the many pivotal decisions voters face this November. Here’s a glimpse and brief explanation of the other propositions on the ballot:

Prop 1: Protects the right to engage in farming, ranching, timber production, horticulture and wildlife management.

Prop 2: Reduces property taxes for child care centers across Texas, improving child care access and affordability for Texas families.

Prop 3: Prohibits the imposition of an individual wealth or net-worth tax.

Prop 4: Increases the homestead tax exemption from $40,000 to $100,00, and $110,000 for seniors and limits annual appraisal increases on commercial property.

Prop 5: Creates the Texas University Fund to help certain higher education institutions achieve national prominence as major research universities and drive the state economy.

Prop 6: Finances and creates the New Water Supply Fund to improve water security for Far West Texas communities and families.

Prop 7: Creates the Texas Energy Fund to support the construction, maintenance, modernization and operation of dispatchable electric generating facilities to support the grid.

Prop 8: Establishes the Broadband Infrastructure Fund, designed to expand high-speed broadband access for Texas families.

Prop 9: Provides a Cost-of-Living-Adjustment for Texas’ retired teachers.

Prop 10: Eliminates property taxes on physical assets owned by medical and biomedical product manufacturers to safeguard the state’s healthcare system and improve the supply-chain for medical goods.

Prop 12: Abolishes the office of County Treasurer in Galveston County and instead designates another county officer to fulfill the office’s functions, making their county government more efficient.

Prop 13: Increases the retirement age for state justices and judges from 75 to 79 and removes limitations on their service term based on age.

Prop 14: Establishes the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund to expand state parks in Texas.

Each of these propositions carries great significance for our families and communities. To learn more about the constitutional amendments visit:

It’s not just a civic duty to cast your vote; it’s an opportunity to shape the future of Texas by amending our state Constitution. So, mark your calendars, find your polling location, encourage your neighbors, and make your voices heard on November 7, 2023! Your voice and your vote matters!