George Gonzales, longtime City of Marfa animal control officer, retires

Marfa Police Chief Gilberto presents George Gonzales, the city’s animal control officer for the past 15 years, with a commemorative plaque upon his retirement. Courtesy of the Marfa Police Department.

MARFA — George Gonzales, who served as the City of Marfa’s animal control officer for 15 years, retired at the end of October.

Police Chief Gilberto Carrillo recently put on a luncheon with city council members and city administrators to honor Gonzales’ years of service, where he received a commemorative plaque. 

“The City of Marfa and the Marfa Police Department want to extend our gratitude to George for the years he served as an animal control officer to the community of Marfa,” said Lt. Nichole Fuentes in a statement. “We all wish George a very happy, healthy retirement. He will be greatly missed.” 

The animal control officer position has been filled by Marfa resident Juan Avila. To reach the new animal control officer, call the Marfa Police Department at 432-729-1841, or if in the case of an emergency, by dialing 911.