November 1 Letters to the Editor


I would hate for Presidio County to be known as the county that willingly gave up public park land to placate a private business.

It is extremely presumptuous of El Cosmico to expect the county to grant them an easement through our park or through any of our land in North Park. Whether it’s along the side of the Marfa Golf Course or through the rodeo grounds/roping arena or through the area around the Ag Barn, when is it okay to sacrifice public land for private benefit?

Since when is it okay for a county road to be built for the sole purpose of providing an entryway to a private business?

Since when is it okay for the county to build a road that in reality would become a private road?

Seems to me that by offering to pay for the construction/maintenance of the entryway road through Vizcaino Park, El Cosmico is offering a subtle type of bribe.


Dawn Shannon




Thanks to Jeanine Bishop, the executive director of the Alpine Humane Society, for her letter last week which corrects some misconceptions about the group’s current financial situation.

It is very disheartening to learn that this year’s donations are down by 46% and that Ms. Bishop, although still working full time, has had to remove herself from the payroll in order that the shelter can continue to operate. A couple of years ago she created the Far West Texas Rescue Coalition made up of local rescuers and shelters and began hosting low-cost spay and neuter clinics. It was an amazing feat that 15 of these clinics occurred, which resulted in 1100 local animals being neutered. It was a brave new start for the  better treatment of dogs and cats in our area.

Unfortunately, because of lack of donations and funding the low-cost clinics have been stopped. More kittens and puppies mean that more dogs and cats will languish in shelters, and more will be euthanized.

If you have love in your heart for animals, please consider donating to the effort to help our local dogs and cats find homes, and happiness. You can easily donate at

Thank you,

Mary Baxter