November 9 Letters to the Editor

Illustration by crowcrumbs.


Questions keep popping up in my mind, and I just keep wondering: did El Cosmico always envision using Vizcaino Park as the entryway into their new “enhanced” compound? Was this an integral part of their plan when the 60 acres was originally purchased? And if so, just what made them think they would be granted a road through our park? Did they seriously believe that by offering to pay for the construction and maintenance of their proposed road they would get their way? And if this is not the case, who would have suggested such a plan?

Then another question really pops up: Was the commissioner of Precinct 1, the precinct, which is the actual location of Vizcaino Park, initially approached with the road plan, or did El Cosmico opt to use a different tactic? Was the Precinct 1 commissioner consulted at all or was she only consulted after the fact? Was she left out of the loop and blindsided? Am I the only one who wonders about this and finds it very very very strange?

Of course, there is always the big question: will the county sacrifice public land for the sole benefit of a private business?

So, questions keep popping up in my mind, and I just keep wondering….

Dawn Shannon




This past Thursday I was dining at the Reata with a dear friend when a piece of the chicken fried steak I had ordered got stuck in my throat. It quickly became apparent that a Heimlich procedure was in order, and the Reata staff quickly reacted. One young man rushed over and began to do it. After three or four hard jerks, the morsel came out, and I could again breathe. I didn’t panic because I could tell the young man knew what he was doing. In simple terms, he saved my life. I would like to sincerely commend him and the staff at the Reata for their quick action. By the way, I didn’t eat the rest of my delicious meal. I took it home and gave it to my dog. She loved it and ate it without incident. Again, many kudos to the Reata and their fine staff.

George Bradley