November 16 Letter to the Editor


I’ve recently been thinking of the children’s story of “Chicken Little.” When an acorn dropped on its head, a little chicken panicked and ran around exclaiming “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” This makes me wonder about the commissioner who seems to be convinced that our county is in the initial throes of bankruptcy –– that the sky is falling!

Well, I get it, the county’s budget is extremely important and Presidio County has historically had financial issues, but is this the time to be proclaiming that the sky is falling? Does the commissioner believe that additional traffic generated on Antelope Hills road by El Cosmico campers and wealthy 3-D homeowners will cause so much in maintenance costs that the county will be bankrupted? Is this a “sky is falling” moment with the solution being to sacrifice county land –– sacrifice Vizcaino Park in order to placate a private business owner?

Then I wonder if the commissioner’s perceived threat of bankruptcy is a “Chicken Little” way to scare us? Is it a ploy to scare us and fool us into believing that we should be grateful to El Cosmico for offering to build and maintain a road through our park, a road that will only be beneficial to their business interests? Are we supposed to believe that this “generous gesture” will help the county’s budget, therefore making El Cosmico the hero of this story? Really?!

This “Chicken Little” act isn’t working for me. What is actually going on? 

Dawn Shannon