Candidate filing period for March 2024 Primary Election closes Dec. 11

Illustration by crowcrumbs.

TRI-COUNTY — The candidate filing deadline for the March 2024 Primary Election, which includes several county-level positions, is Monday, December 11, at 6 p.m.

Early voting for the March 5 Primary Election will run from February 20 to March 1, 2024. The General Election will take place in November 2024. Open county positions will assume office in January 2025 and will serve four-year terms.  

Candidates must either pay a fee, which ranges depending on the position from around $375 to $1,500, or receive a certain number of signatures, 2% of the number of people who voted in the last general election, to get on the ballot –– in Presidio County the number of signatures varies from 65 for county-wide positions to 40 to 50 for county commissioners.

More information on running for local office can be found on the secretary of state’s website, and details on county official’s duties can be found on the Texas Association of County’s website

The Big Bend Sentinel highlights positions up for election, county chair contact information and who has filed as of press time below. 


Across the region district judge and district attorney, currently held by Roy Ferguson and Ori White, are up for election.

At a meet and greet for new Brewster County Republican candidates in late November, locals Bill Parham and Monty Kimball announced their candidacy for district judge. The full list of candidates for the position will be publicly available on December 27 when filed by the state chair. 

Presidio County

Up for election in Presidio County is county commissioner precinct 1, currently held by Brenda Bentley. Bentley wrote in a recent letter to the editor that she does not intend to seek reelection for a third term. 

“My time with the county came with many lessons and challenges, but the overall experience has been a great one,” wrote Bentley. 

Democrats Deidre Heisler and Ruben Armendariz have filed to run for county commissioner precinct 1. 

The role of county commissioner precinct 3, currently held by Jose Cabezuela, is also up for election. Cabezuela, a Democrat, has filed for reelection. He will be challenged by Democrats Irma Carrasco and Frankie Ortiz.

A race that has already drummed up local interest ahead of the filing deadline is county attorney, a role currently held by Rod Ponton. Ponton will be met with at least one challenger, local attorney Blair Park. Park is originally from Marfa and moved back during the pandemic after working as an attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Both Ponton and Park have filed to run as Democrats. 

The role of the county tax assessor-collector, currently filled by Natalia Williams, will be up for election. Democrat Norma Valenzuela has filed for the role. As of press time Williams had not filed for reelection. 

Law enforcement offices of sheriff, currently held by Danny Dominguez; constable precinct 1, held by Estevan “Steve” Marquez; and constable precinct 2, currently held by Adan “Pugi” Covos Jr., are up for election. Dominguez and Covos, both Democrats, have filed for reelection. Democrat Rafael Bentley Acosta has also filed to run for constable precinct 2. As of press time Marquez had not filed for reelection for constable precinct 1. 

Presidio County Democratic Chair Ramon Rodriguez Aranda can be reached via email at

[email protected]. Republican Chair Dan Dunlap can be reached via email at [email protected] or by calling 432-295-1668. 

Brewster County 

Up for election in Brewster County are county commissioner precincts 1 and 3, currently held by Jim Westermann and Ruben Ortega, respectively. Westermann, a Republican, has filed for reelection. As of press time, no one has filed to run for county commissioner precinct 3.

The office of county attorney, currently held by J. Steve Houston, is up for election. Republican Marisol Aguilar Skelton has filed for the role of county attorney. 

Terms will be up for the county tax assessor-collector, currently held by Sylvia Vega; sheriff, currently held by Ronny Dodson; and constable precinct 1, currently held by Flavio Rene Ybarra. Ybarra, a Republican, has filed for reelection. 

Brewster County Democratic Chair Mary Bell Lockhart can be reached by emailing [email protected] or calling 512-422-4984. Republican Chair Monica McBride can be reached by emailing [email protected], by mail at PO Box 455, Alpine, or by calling 432-386-5245. 

Jeff Davis County

Up for election in Jeff Davis County are county commissioner precincts 1 and 3, currently held by Republicans Jody Adams and John Davis, respectively. Both have filed for reelection.

Sheriff and county tax assessor-collector offices held by Bill Kitts as well as the constable office held by Mike Wright will also be up for election. The county attorney seat, currently held by Glen Eisen, will be up for election as well. 

It is unclear if any other candidates have filed as of press time. The Democratic chair reported no filings and the Republican chair did not respond to requests for comment.

Jeff Davis County Democratic Chair Calvin Glover can be reached by calling 432-244-1034 or emailing [email protected]. Republican Chair Matthew Blackman can be reached by email at [email protected], by phone at 432-249-0283, by mail at PO Box 2115, Fort Davis, TX 79734 and in person at 502 N State Street, Unit G, Fort Davis, TX 79734.