Murder investigation ongoing for shooting outside of Van Horn

CULBERSON COUNTY — An investigation into the murder of a Culberson County man is ongoing, per state law enforcement officials. Juan Antonio Franco-Sanchez has been accused of shooting and killing Christopher Dewayne Jones last month approximately 23 miles south of Van Horn. 

On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 8, deputies for the Culberson County Sheriff’s Office received a call for help from a remote subdivision between Valentine and Van Horn. Upon arrival, they discovered Jones’ body, which appeared to have been shot multiple times. 

The Culberson County Sheriff’s Office called the Texas Rangers for help. Rangers Brent Mata, Malcolm White and and Juan Torrez responded to the scene, launching their investigation by interviewing unnamed witnesses who said that Franco-Sanchez had shot Jones in “an altercation.” 

The families of both Franco-Sanchez and Jones owned land in a housing development outside of Lobo, a popular roadside stop for travelers. At press time, information requests obtained by The Big Bend Sentinel indicated that the investigation was ongoing.

With little information to go on, the Jones family launched a GoFundMe to help Jones’ widow and young children relocate from the area. 

On their page, the family recounted their version of the story: Christopher had been giving a tour of a property for sale in the subdivision to another family hoping to buy and had been shot by the property’s neighbor nine times, “the last few at point blank range.” 

The family remembered Jones as a doting father and a hard worker. “His life’s desire was to be a good father and to leave a legacy for them to inherit,” they wrote. 

The Culberson County Sheriff’s Office did not return multiple requests for comment, nor did they respond to a formal information request. 

The Jones’ family GoFundMe can be found at