December 21: Letters to the Editor

Illustration by Crowcrumbs.

To the editor:

On behalf of The Chinati Foundation/La Fundación Chinati, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the organizers, writers, and musicians who produced and participated in a lively evening of poetry and music at the Locker Plant this week. Thank you to Jules Lattimer for spearheading the weeklong poetry workshop and staging the reading. Thank you to the readers who shared their work or the work of loved ones: Nick Albanesi, Ariele Gentiles, Eero Cashiola, Camille Grace, Christine Jackson, Sam Karas, Lorri Kershner, David Marwitz, Rory Parks, Robert Schmitt, Mark So, Calletana Vargas, Alaina Walton, and Lex Wolfe. And thank you to the members of Chisos –– J.D. Garcia, Jon Lujan, Ek Stein, and Calletana Vargas –– for a great night of music, capped by Calletana’s D.J. set. I am, as always, grateful to the Chinati team for making this program possible.

All of us at Chinati look forward to welcoming visitors back to the Locker Plant in 2024 for open studios, talks, and performances as part of the Artist in Residence Program. Best wishes for a great year ahead! 


Caitlin Murray, Director