‘The Past is Present is Future’ at RULE Gallery

“Thawing Web III,” torch-worked scientific glass, HD video projection, light refraction (AH20001), 2023. Courtesy of RULE Gallery.

MARFA –– RULE Gallery will open Past is Present is Future, Amy Hoagland’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, at a public reception on Friday, December 22, from 6-8 p.m. with the artist in attendance.

Amy Hoagland’s artistic practice delves into the idea of the landscape as a time capsule –– recognizing that Earth’s terrain contains multitudes of secrets about our past, present and future. This is a place where time melds together — the rocks, ice, and land offer stories that the past is present — where time is folding upon itself to be replayed continually. These cyclical themes remind us that we all live within a shared state of flux and encourage us to ask, how do we “read” a landscape or know a place? How does one’s perception shape one’s view of the changing world?

In developing the work for the show, Hoagland spent time in regions of the Arctic and the Chihuahuan Desert, cultivating relationships with each location through sensory research. Bringing these observations back into the studio, she translates them using materials such as scientific glass and rocks from the region, as well as projection and photographic installations, intertwining the works with elements of reflection, light, and shadow to investigate these questions.

Consistent throughout the exhibition are web shapes. A web is a non-hierarchical system of organization in which every point within the design is dependent on every other juncture —a shift in one point determines a change in the other. Moving images flicker through suspended scientific glass sculptures, refracting like the iris of an eye or a celestial starburst. Sculptural glass forms slump over rocks like glacial ice moving over a rock bed or time bending in a black hole. These elements act as vehicles for the art, revealing parallels between the two geographically separated landscapes.  “My work stems from a deep care for the landscape and a desire to relate to and understand it,” says Hoagland. “I hope to create more empathy from the viewer because I think that with more understanding, we can better relate to the landscape and treat it more symbiotically.”

The show will be on view from December 22, 2023 – March 16, 2024. Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.