From the archive: Former New York resident, buying El Paisano Hotel

B.K. Mallan, Texan Six Years, Gets Business Property Erected in 1930

Scheduled for consummation here today is a financial transaction in which B.K. Mallan, Coleman, will become the owner of El Paisano Hotel, buying the business property which has been owned in recent years by the heirs of the late C.N. Bassett, El Paso, and Mrs. Madelyn Metcalf.

Mr. Mallan who has had Texas interests about six years is in the steel warehousing business in New York City. Recently he sold a part of his ranch property in the Coleman area and in a telephone message to the Sentinel Thursday noon he said that he and Mrs. Mallan and the children, Jean, sixteen, and Tommy, twelve, will live here. Their girl is a student at Hockaday School and Junior College, Dallas.

No announcement of the purchase, previous to the one today by the Sentinel, has been authorized by Mr. Mallan, he said yesterday. Asked as to the purchase price, Mr. Mallan said that the figure $175,000 might well be considered the correct one.

Mr. Mallan said that he could not make any announcement at this time in regard to the management of the property which he will take possession of Saturday. In telling of the investment he is making here, he said:

“Last summer we were through Marfa and the hotel appealed to me a great deal; in fact, the appeal was so great that I commented to Mrs. Mallan –– ‘I’d like to own that business.’ An investigation as to the ownership was made and the transaction of securing it is to be completed in Marfa Friday.”

The Paisano corner was formerly the location of the Episcopal Church building.

Manager of the hotel since June, 1934, has been E.S. Powers who has operated it for the owners as one of the Gateway group of hotels in the Southwest. Mr. and Mrs. Powers came here from California where he dealt in hotel and other type of leases.

The hotel was opened under the ownership of the builders –– C.N. Bassett, H.L. Birney, R.E. McKee, and Marfa people who invested $27,000 in securing the site for the building. The Marfa people were interested about six years and then the three El Paso men secured title. Mr. McKee has not been an owner for about three years.

The hotel has sixty rooms and one apartment and is modern in every respect, with coffee shop and tavern operated by the hotel.