February 1: Letters to the Editor


I am writing regarding the City of Marfa and water usage and billing. I have been told for years that water readings are accurate at my property in Sal Si Puedes. For the month of August in 2023 I turned all water off at my place. I still received a bill for over $40. I have never seen a water meter reading at my place, and the water meter is behind my gate. Everytime I ask the city for reports I receive no response. I did receive this response from the Marfa city manager today (filed an open records request) which seems like a runaround from my request for actual water readings, date and time of reading, and by whom.

From the city manager today Jan 29, 2024:

“I can send you your reads since August 2022, which is as far back as our current system goes. However, it will just be copies of your bills as that is the only record we have with reads. Exact dates and who did the reads are not available since that’s not a record we have. Reads are generally done on the 15th, but that can vary by a few days on either side depending on weekends, holidays, vacation/sick days for staff and having to pull the crew off of reads to assist with leaks and other emergencies. Also, even if there is zero consumption on the bills, Customers are still billed water and sewer minimums as well as trash, so there would not be a $0 bill. Please let me know if you would like us to resend copies of your bills.”

I think the city residents deserve better and for those who conserve, should deserve the savings. 


Robert Tillotson

Marfa and Austin