MISD names new high school principal 

Counselor Luane Porter was recently named the new Marfa Junior High and High School principal, effective the 2022-2023 school year. Photo courtesy of Marfa Independent School District.

MARFA — The Marfa Independent School District Board of Trustees recently named counselor Luane Porter as the new principal of Marfa High School. 

Porter will be stepping in to fill the role of principal as Allison Scott retires at the end of the school year. 

“I am proud to be named the junior-senior high school principal for next school year at Marfa ISD. In Marfa, we are blessed with an amazing staff and outstanding students,” said Porter.   

Porter previously served as Fort Davis ISD’s high school principal for five years before making the move to Marfa ISD to serve as the district’s singular counselor for the past two years. 

“My goal is to support Marfa in providing a quality educational experience and work to reach new heights,” said Porter. “I want the very best for our students.” 

Superintendent Oscar Aguero said given her background and time already spent at MISD, it was a natural fit. 

“She knows our kids. She knows what direction we’re looking at going,” said Aguero. “We support each other, so it’s just making the team that much stronger. I think it’s going to be an easy transition.” 

Next, the challenge will be to find a replacement for the counselor position which Porter will be vacating, said Aguero. 

“The difficult part now is going to be finding a counselor that can replace her. She’s done a lot of great things for our students,” said Aguero. 

Porter has agreed to mentor whomever the new councilor/student services coordinator is, he said. 

“I am confident that we will find someone who best serves the needs of our students as well as our staff,” said Porter. 

Retiring Principal Allison Scott said given Porter’s existing familiarity with the district’s students, staff and parents, she too expects a smooth transition. Scott, who worked with Porter for seven years at Fort Davis ISD in addition to the past two years in Marfa, said she is confident Porter will step up to the role and do well in the position.  

“The last two years, she has been my right-hand person. With her knowledge and experience, our campus is in excellent hands,” said Scott.