It’s Commissioner Cabezuala, now

PRESIDIO COUNTY – Jose Cabezuela of Presidio was appointed precinct 3 county last week by county judge Cinderela Guevara in a swearing-in ceremony in the judge’s courthouse office.

Cabezuela, a Presidio Police Department peace officer, won the recent Democratic Party runoff election by one vote. There’s a possibility Jose’s challenger may seek a recount, and whatever the outcome, Jose or his opponent still must be on the ballot – likely unopposed – in the November general election, since the actual term of office – a two-year unexpired term left by the resignation of former Commissioner Lorenzo Hernandez, takes effect in January 2019.

Hernandez was indicted on federal charges of bribery and corruption about a year ago. He has pleaded not guilty and his trial is in October.

Guevara welcomed Cabezuela to the court and said the county needs a fourth commissioner since one county meeting to approve payroll was postponed for lack of a quorum and the fact that precinct 3 residents in Presidio have been without representation for almost a year. State law gives Guevara the authority to fill a vacancy on commissioners’ court.