Letters to the editor

Dear editor,

Whenever I see something in the media telling me, “These are the facts…”, I automatically don’t believe what’s coming. But this time, what a great article to back up that bold headline in last week’s paper! There has been so much debate about the family separations at the border. Those who believe in strict enforcement of the law tell us we must carry out what Congress enacts, no matter what. If a person violates the law, they must be held, tried and judged. There’s certainly no room for family members (especially children) in the jail cell with the perpetrator. And then the compassionate among us shout about the unfair enforcement of this law, cringing to the point of tears at the idea of children being pulled away from their parents and put into their own holding cells. Our nature these days is to blame Trump for his zero-policy. Or to blame the Democrats under Clinton. Or any number of other stories you read on Facebook or hear gossiped about. Goodness – so often we don’t even know what we’re talking about! So Sasha goes to the Federal Public Defenders – the ones who almost exclusively deal with this. They finally give us the straight scoop. “The facts” as the headline told us. Good job! My only regret is that the article wasn’t longer. So much in that discussion needs to be cleared up by those who really know.

Bob Fast

Marfa and Alpine

Dear editor,

Thank you for the editorial, We Can’t Keep Quiet, in the June 21st BBS. These truly are times when being quiet is not an option. I also give kudos to the front-page reporting under the banner, Immigrant Crisis on the Southern Border. This is one of the best small town newspapers in the country. Thank you to Big Bend Sentinel staff and owners.

Douglas Humble


Dear editor,

Whatever happened to, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free?” Was a young woman in the 1800s more in tune with goodness, kindness, mercy than we Americans are in 2018?

Bennye Meredith


Dear editor,

Let me start by asking a question, if I may? When a citizen of this country commits a crime are they not detained, and in doing so, are they not separated from their family? This being the case, I would assume those opposing separating immigrant families also have a problem with this as well. So am I to believe that in the near future we will have family friendly prisons as well? Has educational stupidity run so rampant in this country that there is no longer common sense? For those wanting to take the so-called moral high ground on this issue let me ask this question: Is it not immoral and wrong for parents to involve their children in a criminal act? That is exactly what these parents are doing. They have no regards for their children, you, my family or myself. If they are willing to commit a crime the second they set foot in this country what makes you think they wouldn’t do it again for their own selfishness. Submitted by a citizen of this ONCE great country.

Lance Jarratt

Fort Davis