Presidio 4-H sign-ups begin at kick off tonight

PRESIDIO – Presidio’s 4-H program is hosting a kick off event for youth of all ages this evening from 4-6pm at the Presidio City Library. Students are asked to bring a parent or guardian to the meeting if they want to sign up for the Rio Grande 4-H chapter in Presidio. The program is $25 for third to twelfth graders and free for younger grades.

County Extension Agent Matlin Sain said, “The 4H motto is to make the best better, but really and truly the big thing to take away from here is the leadership skills, responsibilities, and camaraderie kids can get from being in 4-H.” Sain has helmed the program since April and hopes to revive the club to its former vibrancy.

The program is a part of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, promoting agriculture and other skills among youth. Sain explained that shooting sports like archery, shotgun and rifle shooting are the biggest 4-H projects, but out here, the dominant activity is usually the livestock showing of sheep, goats and pigs.

While older participants take on those activities, students below third grade meet monthly under the name “Clover Buds” and usually participate in other activities, projects and crafts.