October 22 Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,


Congeniality belies reality. On October 15, the Senate Judiciary Committee majority rejected Democrats’ motion delaying Barrett’s SCOTUS hearing. Republicans punted on a historic “Profiles in Courage” moment.

Chairperson Graham’s pouting about Kavanaugh’s treatment ignores that Justice Merrick Garland, Obama’s appointee, was denied a hearing with 11 months, not four, remaining during an ongoing election. Primarily, Dems reject radical Federalist Society nominees who go on-record placing Roe v. Wade and Obamacare in jeopardy.

Republicans countered that Obamacare generated contentious litigation because it passed Congress without bi-partisan consensus. Granted.

But remember McConnell’s directive to oppose anything Obama advanced – even when the GOP was previously for it. Thus, Dem opposition to Barrett – or any nomination at this time – is consistent with McConnell’s years of duplicity.

My conservative constitutional law professor defined “due process” as “fundamental fairness … or that which the heart knows is right.” In that sense, committee Republicans failed the Constitution. Principles lost to something more rank.

Was this the day the nation died? If so, we bear witness.

Opponents of this radical power grab have resolve. The nation may be on life support, seriously wounded, but it shall not succumb on our watch.

As a minister, I believe in the second chances of redemption. My prayer is that Republicans reject Barrett’s appointment in committee and if it reaches the floor.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah