November 5 Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Marfa, for a warm and heartfelt Election Day. So many showed up — early voters and Election Day voters alike — from every walk of life in our town to celebrate with socially distanced BBQ across the street from the USO.

This could not have happened without such great sponsors and partners in this effort. Rainer Judd, Caitlin Murray and Jeff Matheis at Judd Foundation; Daisy Nam, Sarah Melendez and Gabriela Carballo at Ballroom Marfa; Kate Calder at Communitie; Neil Chavigny, Colby Martin and Jason Kolker at KMKB; the folks at The Big Bend Sentinel; and the gracious team at Convenience West who brought out the smoker and served up 382 BBQ sandwiches. A half hour before the polls closed, we had given away everything we brought; thank you all for making this so fun and so easy.

I’m grateful for volunteers — Samantha Salazar for helping guide this effort and Michael Roch for helping get the word out. Thank you, too, Chip Love for giving us space at the Marfa National Bank, Ed Cobos at the Marfa Nutrition Center for spreading the word to our seniors, and Police Chief Estevan Marquez for, as always, the best communication.

So many of our sponsors and volunteers were already doing so much — painting store windows, commissioning flags and billboards, writing letters to the editor to encourage voting and personal outreach — but they were willing to step up and do even more to make this a community day for Marfa.

Shelley Bernstein, Marfa Steps Up, Organizer