August 12: Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,


Voter ID: Students must bring social security information, birth certificate and immunization records before they can be registered. WHY should voters not have to do the same? We should have a national voter ID card as Mexico does. This would eliminate vote by mail and stuffing ballot boxes. This country has gone very crazy.

BORDERS: We protect the borders of a multitude of countries. However, we cannot and do not protect our own borders. Instead, we allow these undocumented immigrants to enter our country and bring COVID and various variants with them and infect our citizens and use up medical beds and medicine that should be given to our citizens that have paid their tax monies. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT!

Beth Collins


Dear Editor,

On behalf of myself and my family, I’d like to thank Sterry Butcher and The Big Bend Sentinel for Sterry’s heartfelt “Elegy for David Tompkins” (July 14).

I recognized my brother David in Sterry’s eloquent portrait of him, and I thought the piece captured the sense of community and belonging that he loved about Marfa. And running David’s comic “La Loteria de Marfa” was a wonderful tribute.

We truly appreciate the kind words about our brother and son.

Thank you again,

Mark Tompkins

Los Angeles, California

Dear Editor,

The Ex-Marfa Shorthorns Group Of El Paso and Friends met recently at a local El Paso restaurant to launch the 2022 scholarship fundraiser for Marfa High School students. Getting together to meet had been difficult due to concerns with COVID 19. What inspired this ex’s team to gather for this purpose happened when our faithful champions, The Marfa National Bank, Victor Chemali and Rosemary (Segura) Madla-Mani, stepped to the plate and hit home runs with their generous donations. Immediately thereafter, we received a generous pledge from Danny Herrera, another faithful champion, followed by contributions from Joe Cabezuela and Mando Uranga. Plus, media coverage provided by The Big Bend Sentinel would help tremendously to inspire hundreds of Marfa High School alumni throughout the country. Those alumni are excellent assets who love and support our young students.

Fortunately, for several years we have been consistent in awarding two students the amount of $2,500 each to help them enroll in college. In return, each year we receive letters from students expressing their appreciation for such help. Some letters come from new students and some from those who have been able to graduate. We also say thank you and congratulations.

Another item on the agenda is beginning plans for the upcoming Ex-Marfa Shorthorns and Friends Christmas Social. Ideas are welcome from all, including the general public since they are great supporters as well. Once plans are finalized, again, with help from The Big Bend Sentinel, the information will be published.

During this most important scholarship campaign, donation checks may be made payable to Ex-Marfa Shorthorns Group and mailed to: Ex-Marfa Shorthorns Group, 12221 Warhol Drive, El Paso, Texas 79936.

Armando Uranga

El Paso

Dear Editor,

Never Forget!

Capitol and D.C. police deserve the nation’s praise and eternal gratitude. They were the frontline facing overwhelming odds on January 6.

They were our democracy’s Heimdall defending the bridge into Asgard. They were Horatius guarding the gates of Rome against the barbarians. They were Leonidas, a Spartan, leading Greeks at Thermopylae against overwhelming Persian forces. History remembers an insider betrayed the Greeks. Exaggerations? Hardly!

Trump’s unprincipled efforts to subvert our Constitution’s Rule of Law didn’t succeed. However, his authoritarian “Big Lie” impulses haven’t diminished. The weight of congressional Republicans and media allies deny the insurrection, minimize the officers’ ordeal and mock emotional testimony before the House Select Committee. Shameful!

The Native American “Staking Ceremony” ritualizes a Lakota warrior who fell off his horse retreating and knew that his band couldn’t return to save him. Instead of running, he planted his lance firmly into the ground at his side. This communicated to his adversaries the strength of an abiding commitment to his life’s values.

Never forget! Stand tall. Let January 6  be our nation’s Staking Ceremony meeting difficult challenges by recommitting to core values.

Democracy isn’t going away unless we neglect all this nation represents. That’s so even when we fall short, with the opportunity to reset the table to our ideals.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah