Blackwell School Alliance hires volunteer coordinator

MARFA – The Blackwell School Alliance has hired Natalie Melendez as its volunteer coordinator to enhance the volunteer program, strengthen the volunteer base and encourage deeper community engagement overall. This is a short-term contract that will run from now until the end of January 2022. 

 During this time Melendez will formalize the volunteer program with a handbook showing objectives of the program, systems that make it easy for volunteers to sign up and participate, and collaboratively developed volunteer task descriptions. In addition, Melendez will recruit new volunteers and re-engage past volunteers with program opportunities based on individual interests and talents. Some of the ongoing tasks the alliance is targeting include archiving photos and documents, fundraising and events, and bridging generations through education and outreach. 

 Alliance President Gretel Enck explains the need for Ms. Melendez’s work, “Although we are doing good things at the Blackwell School, I personally have not been good about nurturing volunteer contacts. Natalie brings a wealth of connections and a genuine love of the Marfa community to her work. She is especially in tune with our elders, having volunteered at the nutrition center and served on city council. We are so pleased she agreed to work with us.”

 Melendez says, “Blackwell School is an important part of Marfa’s long, complicated history. The Blackwell School Alliance is committed to preserving that history. By strengthening its presence within the community, we are creating an opportunity for conversation, camaraderie and cultural pride. My hope is that Blackwell School becomes synonymous with connection, not separation.”

 To learn more and get involved in volunteering at the Blackwell School, contact Natalie Melendez at [email protected] or 831-760-5895