Presidio High School juniors raise money for prom 

PRESIDIO — Being a teenager during the pandemic hasn’t been easy, but the Presidio junior class is hoping to lift spirits this spring by throwing their classmates a prom to remember. The junior class cabinet, which includes President Ramon Rodriguez Aranda, Vice President Mia Marquez, Treasurer Victoria Lynn Brito and Secretary Natalia Medrano, have been spearheading the effort. 

Last year’s prom was canceled due to the pandemic, and the student body is hoping that last year’s seniors get a chance to make up for lost time. “We really want to have a prom for these seniors, they deserve one,” Aranda said. 

Each spring, the juniors pitch in toward “class fees,” which pay for the prom and senior week activities. Aranda ran for office on a platform that included a $100 class fee, which can be steep for some Presidio High students, especially during the pandemic. Aranda hopes that some of the money this year will go toward making class hoodies and other swag for his classmates to commemorate their upcoming senior year. “I understand that $100 is a lot of money,” Aranda said. “But I do tell the students, ‘Look, that’s what we’re here for. That’s why we got elected. We’re here to help you guys.’”

Brito said that some students had to hustle for the $100 fee. “Multiple kids have struggled to pay the fees, but they’re all finding a way to pay it off, whether it’s by bake sales or even asking for help from others,” she said. 

To help their classmates come up with the money, the junior class cabinet has been hosting a number of fundraisers that everybody can participate in. They’ve been doing weekly bake sales in the Porter’s parking lot and have hosted a number of raffles. A raffle coming up in March will feature handmade creations designed by the Presidio High shop teacher, Jesús Zubia. 

If all goes according to plan, prom will be held this year on April 23 at Benito Hall in the courtyard behind Santa Teresa Catholic Church. The theme is “Enchanted Evening.” 

“It’s going to be a luxury vibe, but in a city setting,” Aranda explained. 

Getting vendors can be difficult because they have to be approved by the school district, but the class cabinet is hoping to get a DJ to come out from Chihuahua City for the night. 

“I am really looking forward to seeing how all the decorations look the actual day of prom and also just seeing everyone have fun,” Brito said. “That’s what the goal is.” 

In addition to participating in the raffles and bake sales, those hoping to help the juniors can donate online to a GoFundMe set up by Aranda:

“It feels like forever since COVID started,” he said. “So I feel sorry for those who didn’t get to have prom. After studying together for 12 years, we want to have a last bonding experience.”