‘The Printer’s Proof: Artist and Printer Collaborations’ exhibition, featuring Marfa printer, on view at Albuquerque Museum

ALBUQUERQUE ––The Printer’s Proof: Artist and Printer Collaborations exhibition can now be viewed at the Albuquerque Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as of February 19, 2022. The exhibition features Robert Arber, a printer and Marfa resident.

This exhibition focuses on the collaborative process of printmaking and celebrates several printers based (or formerly based) in New Mexico as well as the artists they have worked with. Often the printer receives less recognition than the artist for their role in making prints. The Printer’s Proof centers around the perspectives of six featured printers: Marina Ancona, Robert Arber, Steve Britko, Michael Costello, Bill Lagattuta and Jennifer Lynch. In addition, several works by Ron Adams, founder of Hand Graphics in Santa Fe will be on view.

Artists featured in the exhibition will include Donald Judd, Harmony Hammond, Nick Cave, Jim Dine, Susan Rothenberg, Hung Liu, Nicola Lopez, Liliana Porter, Luis Tapia and many more.

The Printer’s Proof will examine a variety of printing techniques and will explore how the final print is often shaped by the nature of the collaborative process between artist and printer. Printmaking can be highly technical and requires years of experience to achieve a high sense of proficiency. While some artists who work with a printer are knowledgeable about printmaking, others have never created a print before. The printer’s knowledge of the process, materials, and possibilities can be crucial to helping an artist achieve their vision, while sometimes the artist’s visions can push the printer in new directions to explore new techniques and methods. This synergy between artist and printer is at the heart of the works included in the exhibition.

“Visiting each printer’s studio provided a special opportunity to experience how printers and artists collaborate to create works that are incredibly wide-ranging in their approach to printmaking and in the themes they chose to explore,” said Albuquerque Museum Head Curator Josie Lopez, Ph.D. “The number and diversity of artists that each printer worked with represent decades of creativity and reveal another facet of the storied art historical narrative of New Mexico and beyond.”

The exhibition celebrates each printer’s career and explores the creative, technical and visual ideas unique to printmaking. The Printer’s Proof features over 120 artists with works spanning from the 1970s to the present. The prints included provide compelling evidence of the unique and expressive possibilities of printmaking. In addition, there will be a video component on view featuring interviews with each of the printers. The Printer’s Proof is curated by Albuquerque Museum.

The Printer’s Proof: Artist and Printer Collaborations will be on view at Albuquerque Museum from February 19 through May 15, 2022.