Presidio toasts new hair salon

PRESIDIO — Last Thursday, Araceli Acosta opened up Meraki Hair Salon, Presidio’s newest beauty parlor. Since then, she’s had a steady stream of old friends and new customers come through the door of her storefront located next to Melrose Family Fashions. 

“I’ve been wanting to have my own salon in town for years now,” she said. “I just started driving around looking for vacant buildings.” 

She’d been eyeing the location for a while, but couldn’t afford it, so she hunkered down doing cuts from home and waiting to strike the right deal with the landlords. About five months ago, she finally got to sign the lease, and started decorating in her signature style. 

Pink is her favorite color, and blush tones abound throughout the space. The shop is bright and cheerful, with fresh cut flowers and decor bearing inspirational quotes reminding clients to take time for themselves.

Acosta graduated from Presidio High School in 2005, and has been cutting hair for about seven years. She currently offers haircuts, deep conditioning treatments, coloring services, basic manicures and pedicures, and facial waxing as well as a selection of high-end hair care products to take home after your treatment.

“My specialty is haircuts,” she said. “But I’ve been working with hair color and getting a lot of practice in.” 

She’s hoping to expand her business by hiring a nail technician and an esthetician in order to provide more involved services like acrylics and skincare procedures. “More facials, for sure, and maybe do the permanent makeup and stuff like that,” she said. “The more we can get, the better. I’d like to get it to where you can come in and have everything you need to take care of yourself.”

As a mom of two, she understands the importance of taking a moment to take care of yourself, and hopes to help her Presidio neighbors look and feel their best. “Sometimes as girls we’re feeling bad for whatever reason, and just getting a little cut or talking to someone can be very therapeutic,” she said. “Clients will come in quiet and serious and leave with a big smile and laughter, feeling better about themselves. There’s nothing better than that.” 

She’s hoping the location will help draw clients from OJ — her shop is just a stone’s throw away from the bridge, with lots of foot traffic coming across to visit Melrose and the Dollar General next door. For now, she’s spreading the word around both towns and celebrating with friends and family. 

For Acosta, beauty is serious business. “It’s not just the surface, it’s not just being shallow,” she said. “It’s taking care of yourself.” 

Meraki Hair Salon is open by appointment only, Tuesday through Friday and every other Saturday. The shop is located at 1402 O’Reilly Street, Suite 1404. Basic cuts range from $20 to $40. She takes cash, card, and Google or Apple Pay. Call 432 386 2337 for an appointment.