Border Network for Human Rights hosts first ‘Community Caminata’ neighborhood walk

In March, the Border Network for Human Rights hosted a family friendly walk through Presidio. Photo courtesy of Lizette Rohana.

PRESIDIO — On March 9, the Presidio branch of the Border Network for Human Rights hosted its first “Community Caminata,” encouraging locals to enjoy the sunshine together. Twenty-five people — and one dog — attended for fun on a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

The Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR) is an organization that hopes to bring borderlands residents together in a united push for empowerment and community spirit. The organization participates in numerous events large and small — from giving testimony on the floor of Congress and participating in peaceful protests to hosting small, upbeat gatherings like Presidio’s Community Caminata. 

The event was supported by the Presidio ISD Police Department, the Presidio Police Department, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and representatives from the City of Presidio, including Mayor John Ferguson. 

Lizette Rohana, who helped bring BNHR to Presidio, explained that her role is helping grow the organization’s presence as a local institution. She considered the event a success and hoped to host similar walks at least once a month. “The purpose of BNHR staff in Presidio is to have folks become familiar with the center’s services and bring the community together,” she said.