April 20 Letters to the Editor

To the good People of Presidio County,

On May 6 there is an election to continue funding the Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District. The water district is here, in part, to protect our groundwater. The district is charged by the state to insure conservation, preservation, protection, recharging, and the prevention of waste. 

I believe groundwater may be the most important issue we face in the not-too-distant future. We can’t afford to lose the water district.

State statutes say the county can’t continue to fund the water district; they must fund themselves through a tax. However, the county has agreed to a tax swap. The amount the water district collects will be taken from the county tax rate so there will NOT be a tax increase. Let me say that again: NO TAX increase, due to the water district having to change the way it is funded.

I ask you to vote yes for Proposition 1 on May 6.

Frank A. (Buddy) Knight

Former Presidio Co. Commissioner