Moms vs. Lady Horns softball game promotes family, need for adult recreational sports

Mother daughter duos Elida Torres and Lesly Torres and Alexis Gonzales and Roxanne Lujan at the Moms versus Lady Horns softball game.

MARFA — Marfa’s softball moms and supporters teamed up in full force Monday evening for a double header match up against the junior high and high school Shorthorn teams.  

Enthusiastic community members came out for the event in large numbers, lining the outfield fence with vehicles and backing up their pickup trucks to catch a glimpse of their favorite sluggers.

The Moms vs. Lady Horns game came together after several players stated their moms felt they could give their kids “a run for their money” on the field. With an open date on the schedule, the timed, three-inning game was made possible.

Marfa ISD Athletics hosted community softball games Monday night in which Lady Horns alumni, many of whom are mothers to current players, competed against the high school and junior high teams. Photo by Priscila Serrano.

The moms used powerful hits, trickery and a little bit of rule bending to pull off two one-run wins against the Lady Horns — although the loss was heavily disputed by the youthful teams. 

“This was a great experience because it allowed us to have fun and bond with our daughters,” said Rachel Gomez and Rosemary Martinez. “We had a great time making memories.” 

A total of 20 moms and supporters participated in the two games and sported vintage 19-year-old Marfa jerseys for the occasion.  

“It felt good to be back on the field playing against my daughter, and this will be a great memory for both of us,” said Tara Salgado, whose daughter Zoey is on the junior high team.

A Moms vs. Lady Horns recreational softball game that took place this week highlights the need for more adult recreational sports in Marfa, said MISD Athletic Director Linda Ojeda. Photo by Priscila Serrano.

Mom’s team catcher, Roxanne Lujan, joked that she had fun stealing bases against her daughter Alexis Gonzales. 

“Playing against both my kids in a sport they love was an awesome experience,” added Roxye Lara, who has a player on each team.    

Plenty of laughs and memories were made at the game, and thanks to Coach Priscila Serrano, many pictures were taken for family members to keep and share.

Coach Linda Ojeda stated that due to the success and enthusiasm of the game, the athletics program hopes to make this a tradition for our players and community. 

“I feel that the parents really enjoyed it, along with our players, but more importantly for me, it brings to light the need for recreational sports opportunities for adults in the Marfa community,” said Ojeda. “Hopefully this will help us bring more occasions for adult sports to Marfa in the future to promote health and wellness in the area.”