From the archive: Mixed-up motorist hunts Texarkana

As we near almost 100 years of publishing news in the Big Bend, we are excited to announce a new weekly addition to our paper. Each issue, we’ll look back into the archives and share a story with you. 

The Big Bend Sentinel has long been a community newspaper –– covering everything from livestock shows to the border and city business to the school district. We take national and international stories and localize them. We both hold power to account and share the more lighthearted news of the day.

We start this new endeavor with an amusing front page story from January 29, 1953.

Mixed-up motorist hunts Texarkana

Texas is a big state –– and sometimes it seems even bigger.

The other evening a tired and somewhat desperate traveler drew into Webb’s station. “Please, how do you get to Texarkana,” he asked.

“Just get on highway 67 and stay on it,” was the reply.

“Well, I’m on an emergency call from Arizona to Texarkana. From El Paso I went on 80 to Dallas and they told me there just the same thing –– ‘get on 67 and stay there.’ I did, I thought, and I ended up at the international bridge beyond Presidio. I knew Texas was a mighty big state, but I’ve been driving for days –– and I want to get to Texarkana.” 

So the hapless motorist, who had traveled some 600 miles from El Paso to Dallas and was within 185 miles there of Texarkana, had gotten on Highway 67 all-right –– and stayed on it to the bitter end past Presidio. Only he had gone the wrong way, added another 600 miles from Dallas to Presidio with only about 725 more to go to Texarkana after he had gotten back to Marfa.

Texas is big all right –– entirely too big to get turned around in.